Windows 8 is Equipped With So Many Advantages Which Bring Users So Much Convenience, But It Also Has Certain Flaws

  • Since its birth, Windows 8 has always been considered as the most revolutionary product in the history of Windows operating system. It has many prominent features.
    1. Windows 8 is an operating system integrating desktop and mobile experience. It integrates Microsoft’s SkyDrive service, facilitating sharing information. Windows 8 also integrates Microsoft apps. Users can use Microsoft account to login in Windows 8, Windows Phone, new edition of Office, Hotmail, SkyDrive, Skype, Messenger and so on.
    2. Another advantage of Windows 8 finds expression in Windows store. This mode provides Windows 8 users with a convenient access to safe apps.
    3. Multi-task processing is a basic function of desktop operating system, improving users’ efficiency. Windows 8 is even more advanced. It brings experience to tablet and supports sub-screen display.
    4. Global search function of Windows 8 is able to search for local content as well as apps in Windows store and information shared on the internet.

    Windows 8 is equipped with so many advantages which bring users so much convenience, but it also has certain flaws. And the most obvious one lies in extending partition. Some users may have perplexity because they think its built-in disk management tool is able to extend partition. Actually, it is. But the function of “Extend Volume” is limited. If there is no unallocated space next to the target partition, extending partition can not be realized. Therefore, if users want to extend partition on Windows 8 freely, professional partition magic is needed. And users could visit to download it and then use it to extend partition on Windows 8.

    Free partition magic for extending partition on Windows 8
    The left picture shows the main interface of the free partition magic. If users want to extend partition, please select the partition first and then click “Extend Partition” function. Then please follow software prompts to extend partition. After all operations are finished, extending partition on Windows 8 will be accomplished with the free partition magic.


MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Also Provides Users With Special Digital Media Recovery Functional Module That Promotes Photo Recovery Efficiency a Lot

MAC is the personal computer developed by Apple. It is famous for its brief and elegant design and the easy-to-use operating interfaces, bringing user with marvelous operating experience. As a result of the powerful image processing performance of MAC and the multitudinous choices of image processing software, MAC has become the favorite choice for photo studio. With Apple products become more and more popular, MAC is also getting popular, too. In the fourth season in 2011, MAC has sold nearly 5 million, becoming the non-neglected power in computer industry.
Nevertheless, with the growing market share of MAC, MAC suffers more and more from various virus and hacker attack. And MAC is mostly used for image processing so photo loss is very likely to happen in MAC. MAC photo recovery is the biggest trouble for MAC users. Therefore, many businessmen have taken this opportunity to make profit – MAC photo recovery service, which is very expensive. However, the release of data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery has changed this situation. With MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, we can easily recover lost photo in MAC. In addition, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Home Edition is free for family users so that it has become the first choice of MAC photo recovery software.

Indispensable MAC data recovery software – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery 
The following elements are required when we recover lost photo in MAC:
1. Compatibility with MAC file system: Different from Windows, MAC employs mostly HFS+ so a MAC photo recovery software with compatibility with HFS+ is the real excellent MAC data recovery software.
2. Supporting for MAC digital media recovery: MAC is often used for image processing and graph drawing. And these files are usually digital media files. Supporting for photo recovery is a rather necessary feature for MAC data recovery software.

3. Compatibility with MAC operating system: This is very important. Without compatibility with MAC OS, we can never be able to recover lost photo in MAC. It is almost impossible that we take out MAC hard drive and then install it to Windows and then perform photo recovery.
Undoubtedly, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery definitely has such features. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is special for MAC, supporting MAC OS perfectly as well as HFS+ file system in MAC. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery also provides users with special digital media recovery functional module that promotes photo recovery efficiency a lot. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is the best choice for MAC users.

Powerful photo recovery function of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a professional MAC data recovery software supporting HFS+ file system. What’s more, “Digital Media recovery” functional module of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery facilitates photo recovery a lot when necessary.
Let me introduce this magical MAC data recovery to you briefly. Firstly, launch it:

To recover lost photo, select “Digital Media Recovery” functional module to start digital media recovery:

In this interface, we need to select the target volume in the list and then click on “Full Scan” button to scan the whole disk:

After scanning, we will enter this recovery interface. Find out target files to be recovered, and check them. Click on “Save Files” button to save recovered files to a safe location according to prompts.
How easy it can be to use MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to recover lost photo in MAC. If you are finding one suitable MAC data recovery software, try MiniTool Mac Data Recovery now! Visit for free download.

With This Free Mac Data Recovery Software, Mac Users Are Able To Recover Lost Files Easily

Apple products are used more and more. Especially Mac computer has become the computer product second to Windows PC. But Mac computer of Apple Inc. also brings us a series of problems. Mac file recovery, in particular, has become a great difficulty annoying Mac users. In Mac, HFS+ is used and this file system is far more complex in structure than NTFS file system that is commonly used in Windows. And due to technology reason, many data recovery software companies can not develop Mac file recovery software excellent enough and some Mac data recovery software costs much money and is hard to afford for many users. What users are in want of is inexpensive or even free Mac file recovery software. According to users’ demand, MiniTool Solution Ltd. has released MiniTool Mac Data Recoverywhich is free Mac file recovery software for home users. With this free Mac Data Recovery software, Mac users are able to recover lost files easily.

Brief introduction to MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, is Mac file recovery software for enterprise and home users, released by MiniTool Solution Ltd.. MiniTool Solution Ltd., which is headquartered in Canada, has been devoted to integrated solutions to data recovery and disk management and its branch institutions are all over the world to provide users with high-quality service in a bid to satisfy users’ demands for data recovery and disk management. The free Mac file recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery runs perfectly in Mac. Besides recovering deleted files, users can also recover lost files from formatted and lost partition. Meanwhile, as to the serious data loss problems caused by system damage and virus infection, the software can recover lost data perfectly. In addition, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is not only in support of free Mac file recovery, but also in support of data recovery from USB flash drive, mobile hard disk, memory card, iPhone and iPad. For home users, if the lost data is within 1 GB, free service is provided. Seen from this, no matter in the consideration of success rate of data recovery or data recovery cost, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is the best choice for users.

Reasons for choosing MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Free of charge is only one of the reasons for choosing MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Then we’ll demonstrate some other reasons for choosing this free Mac file recovery software.

Division of function modules
The division of function modules of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is very meticulous.

From the main interface, we can see the free Mac data recovery software is composed of 4 different data recovery modules. The reason for the meticulous division is that different data loss situations are attributed to different factors, so different data recovery methods should be adopted. By dividing the software into different modules, users can employ different data recovery ways to recover lost files in different situations. Data recovery efficiency and success rate of data recovery can be promoted greatly.

Support for multiple file systems
Besides supporting FAT32 and NTFS, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is also in support of data recovery from HFS+ which is mostly common in Mac.

Seen from the above picture, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is in support of data recovery from diverse file systems and the results are satisfying. With MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, data recovery from various file systems won’t annoy users any more.

Digital Media Recovery
In most cases, Mac helps users deal with photos or design work. However, these kinds of files are easy to lose and often of great value. According to them, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery provides users with the module “Digital Media Recovery“.

With this module, users can recover lost photos easily and at the same time, recovery efficiency and success rate are improved as well.

Seeing so many powerful functions, you may also want to get this free Mac file recovery software. Please visit to download it freely.

Currently, There are 2 Commonly Used Methods for DVD Data Recovery: Resort to Professional Data Recovery Companies or Use Data Recovery Software.

Many users feel difficult to recover data on DVD. Currently, there are 2 commonly used methods for DVD data recovery: resort to professional data recovery companies or use data recovery software. However, due to a series of factors like high DVD data recovery fees, many users give up resorting to data recovery companies. Instead, professional data recovery software becomes a quite good choice. Nevertheless, as storage principle of DVD is different from commonly seen storage principle to a large extent, a lot of data recovery software does not support DVD data recovery. In addition, even if users find data recovery software which is able to recover data on DVD, most has defects. Therefore, we suggest visiting the website where professional data recovery software downloading is provided to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This data recovery software perfectly supports DVD data recovery.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery
This data recovery software is researched and developed by the famed Canadian software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. after years of effort. So far, this company has released multiple pieces of data recovery software, and MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an outstanding one. Equipped with an independent module to recover data on DVD, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can make DVD data recovery easy, safe, and effective.

Recover data on DVD
To perform DVD data recovery, users need to visit the website mentioned just now to download the professional data recovery software to computer. After installation, put DVD which suffers data loss to CD driver and launch the software to open its main interface:

Recover data DVD

From the main interface, users can see 5 data recovery modules. They can select different module to recover lost data according to reasons for data loss. After users move mouse pointer to a functional module, corresponding functional introduction will emerge at the bottom of the main interface. Since storage mode of DVD is comparatively special, developers design DVD data recovery to an independent module, namely “CD/DVD Recovery”. If users want to recover data on DVD, please click “CD/DVD Recovery” module directly to get the following interface:

Recover data DVD1

Then, select the DVD where DVD data recovery will be made and click “Full Scan” button to scan data. After scan, the professional data recovery software will show users all data found from the selected DVD:

Recover data DVD2

In this interface, users need to check data which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to save recovered data to other disks according to prompts. After this operation, DVD data recovery is finished thoroughly by using professional data recovery software. If users want to recover data on DVD or want to get more information about the professional data recovery software, welcome to the official website.

Nowadays, How to Recover DVD Data Has Become a Problem Many Data Recovery Professionals Research, And Most of Them Have Got a Lot of Achievements

Question: my private data stored on DVD get lost. How to recover DVD data?
Answer: we suggest using professional data recovery software to recover DVD data.

As we know, DVD data loss situations often emerge. Nowadays, how to recover DVD data has become a problem many data recovery professionals research, and most of them have got a lot of achievements. For example, data recovery software supporting DVD data recovery has appeared. Nevertheless, data recovery software on the internet is different in quality (once users download inferior data recovery software to recover DVD data, lost data may be lost forever). Therefore, the problem how to download a piece of professional data recovery software to recover DVD data becomes very important. We do not suggest downloading data recovery software from the internet optionally, because common users are short of knowledge of data recovery and unable to judge quality. Therefore, we suggest users visiting professional downloading website to download the professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery
This professional data recovery software is developed by the famous software developer MiniTool Solution Ltd. This company has been researching data recovery for many years and has got great attainments. It has released multiple pieces of data recovery software successively. When users have downloaded and installed the data recovery software to computer, they would want to know how to recover DVD data by using this software.

How to recover DVD data by using professional data recovery software?
It is very easy to recover DVD data with this professional data recovery software. Firstly, put DVD suffering data loss to CD driver. Then, launch the data recovery software to open its main interface:


From the interface above, we can see 5 data recovery modules. Since users ask how to recover DVD data, they are suggested choosing the functional module “CD/DVD Recovery”. Then, select the DVD where DVD data recovery will be made and click “Full Scan” button to scan the selected DVD. Of course, before clicking “Full Scan” button, users can click “Advanced Setting” button to set scanning range:


Here, users can check file types to scan, which can quicken scanning speed (this function is suitable for users who want to recover files with specific types). After that, users can click “Full Scan” button to scan files with specific types. After scan, the data recovery software will display all data that meet requirements:


In this interface, users only need to check data which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to save recovered data to other disks. After that, the work to recover DVD data by using professional data recovery software is finished thoroughly.

Despite Improvements Made in Stability And Performance, Partition Management in Windows Server 2008 Still Disappoints Users

Attracted by Windows Server 2008, numerous computer users would like to experience the outstanding performance of certain system in person. Despite improvements made in stability and performance, partition management in Windows Server 2008 still disappoints users. Compared with previous Windows Server operating systems, Windows Server 2008 built-in disk management tool has been improved to some extent. For instance, the two powerful functions “Extend Volume” and “Shrink Volume” are introduced to this tool. However, the two functions work under specified circumstances. To perform better server partition management, users have to pin their hope on third-party partition manager.
As we all know, the booming software market provides users with diversified partition managers, but users are not supposed to choose partition manager at random. That is because unpleasant issues such as partition damage or partition data loss may be brought, providing that defective partition manager is used. Given that most users lack professional knowledge of server partition management and quality of partition managers varies, we highly recommend using professional partition manager for Windows Server 2008. The software has gained high praise for its comprehensive server partition management functions, wide compatibility, high security and excellent operability. For sake of users’ further understanding, we’d like to introduce the way to split partition by using professional partition manager for Windows Server 2008.
How to split partition in Windows Server 2008
If users want to use professional partition manager for Windows Server 2008 to split partition, they need to download the software via at first and then install the software on computer. Afterwards, launch the software to enter its main interface:
The screenshot above is the main interface of professional partition manager for Windows Server 2008. As presented, the software provides users with multiple server partition management functions such as “Format Partition“, “Merge Partition” and “Split Partition“. According to actual demands, users can choose needed function. Here, users want to split partition, so they need to choose corresponding function and then operate under the guidance of professional partition manager for Windows Server 2008.
To start partition splitting in Windows Server 2008, users can take three ways.
1.  Choose the partition needing to be split and click “Split Partition” in action panel.
2.  Right click target partition and then click “Split” in drop-down list.
3.  Choose the partition which needs to be split and then click “Partition” in menu bar. After that, click “Split” in pop-up list.
Here, users can choose the first one. After clicking “Split Partition” in action panel, users will see the interface for partition resizing. At this time, both dragging the button between two partition handles and directly entering specified value to corresponding text box are available for users to resize original partition and the new partition. When partition resizing has been fulfilled, users need to click “OK” to go back to main interface of professional partition manager for Windows Server 2008. Here, users can find that the chosen partition has been split. However, it is a preview effect. If users are content with the partition splitting effect, they can click “Apply” to confirm all those changes.
More information about professional partition manager for Windows Server 2008 and partition splitting can be found on the mentioned website.

When It Comes to Server Partition Management, Many Users Pin Their Hope On Windows Server 2003 Built-in Disk Management Tool

2003-server-partition-manager-1Similar with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 is an old brand Server operating system of Microsoft. Nowadays, there are still a large number of Windows Server 2003 users, which is due to excellent performance of this operating system. Nevertheless, though this Server operating system brings much convenience and surprise, many users have to face problems caused by unreasonable server partition management. For example, operating system runs slowly since system partition is out of space. As a matter of fact, these problems can be solved through performing server partition management.
When it comes to server partition management, many users pin their hope on Windows Server 2003 built-in disk management tool

 However, after launching this tool, users will find it can not meet actual demands for server partition management. The left screenshot shows us main interface of Server 2003 built-in disk management tool. In the main interface, after right clicking a partition, we can see all functions provided by this tool, like “Open”, “Explore”, and “Format”. These limited functions can only help complete a small part of server partition management. Therefore, users have to ask third-party server partition manager for help if they want to complete good server partition management. Well then, how to download an excellent Server 2003 partition manager?
As known to all, Server 2003 partition manager can be downloaded from the internet, but most users do not know which one is suitable. If they download the Server 2003 partition manager which has defects, data loss or partition loss may emerge in the process of server partition management. To help users download really excellent Server 2003 partition manager, we suggest visiting, a professional downloading center for professional server partition manager. And MiniTool Partition Wizard is the server partition manager highly recommended in this website.
Server partition management functions of MiniTool Partition Wizard
If users want to know server partition management functions of this Server 2003 partition manager, please launch the software and select the partition which needs managing:
From this interface, we can see numerous server partition management functions in action panel, such as “Format Partition”, “Move/Resize Partition”, “Merge Partition”, “Split Partition”, “Extend Partition”, “Copy Partition”, “Align Partition”, “Hide Partition”, and “Change Cluster Size”. Different functions are designed to complete different server partition management operations, so users should choose the most suitable function in accordance with practical situations. In addition, users will be given detailed prompts in every interface, and they just need to do as told.
When all changes have been made, the Server 2003 partition manager will give users a preview effect in the main interface. If the preview effect is desired, please click “Apply” button in the top toolbar to apply changes to computer. If the preview effect is undesired, users can undo or discard changes, and then redo server partition management.