How to Merge Partition by Using MiniTool Partition Wizard

Merging partition is an extremely commonly seen partition management operation when we perform good partition management, and it is mainly used to merge two standalone partitions into one partition to manage partition structure. Many users who have rich experience of disk partition management know merging partition is the best method for solving the problem of unreasonable partition state under many situations. However, it is not easy to merge partition under Windows operating system all the time, because Windows built-in disk management tool and much third party partition magic do not have the competence of merging partition, which looks like a troublesome thing. But fortunately, a batch of professional partition magic which can help us accomplish good partition merging has emerged on the market with the development of computer software technology. Among them, MiniTool Partition Wizard, a piece of partition magic with easy operations, powerful functions, high security and high reliability, is a good choice. 

Why do we choose MiniTool Partition Wizard to merge partition?
Users who are unfamiliar with MiniTool Partition Wizard may raise a question why we choose this partition magic to perform partition merging. The answer is very simple, because it can protect data stored on the partition which needs merging effectively. In fact, users who have experienced partition merging know that important data may be lost because of mistaken operation, power outage, or software defect in the process of merging partition, which may bring huge mental pressure and property losses. However, if we merge partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard, the probability of meeting these disadvantages will be minimized, because this partition magic has multiple protection functions, such as power-off protection and operation preview. Besides, all files stored on the partition to be included to the target partition will be stored on the new partition in the form of folder, avoiding data overwriting caused by duplication of name. If you want to know more detailed information about this partition magic, please visit its official website 

How to merge partition by using MiniTool Partition Wizard?
Just now, we mentioned that MiniTool Partition Wizard has easy operations, powerful functions, high security and high reliability, so it is pretty easy to merge partition without damaging data by using this partition magic. 
Firstly, run it to get its main interface: 


In the main interface, select any partition and click “Merge” button. Then, we will see the following interface: 


In this interface, select the partition we want to expand (this partition must be NTFS partition). Then, click “Next>” to enter the next interface: 


Here, select the partition that will be included to the target partition (This partition also must be NTFS partition). Then, the partition magic will place all data stored on the partition that will be included on the new partition in the form of folder. Next, we can specify a folder name for this folder in the input box marked with read line, avoiding data overwriting resulting from duplication of name. After finishing settings, please click “Finish” to go back to the main interface: 


At this time, the main interface shows that these two partitions are merged into one partition, but this is just a preview. If operations displayed in the main interface are the same as you expect, you can click “Apply” to perform former operations. After all operations are finished, we can say Windows partition merging has been accomplished successfully. 

After seeing the above demonstration, you will think that it is not difficult to merge partition as you expect, won’t you? As a matter of fact, merging partition is a pretty commonly seen operation when we manage partition. If you want to expand a partition or integrate data stored on two partitions, partition merging can help you reduce much troublesome work. Have a try, pls!


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