How to Restore Deleted Files

we always deleted our files in our laptop or digital camera by mistake. If lost files are quite important, we believe every user would be depressed. When important files are deleted mistakenly, users should calm down and take some operations: open recycle bin to check whether deleted files are here and stop writing in data. If deleted files have been emptied from recycle bin, users can restore deleted files by using excellent file recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Here is the official website:

MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Operating interface of the professional file recovery software is pretty visual, and detailed operating prompts or instructions will be shown. In addition, users can find detailed operating steps from this website.

Well then, how to restore deleted files? Users can select the functional module which is specially designed to deal with mistaken deletion, namely “Undelete Recovery“. After entering operating interface of this functional module, users need to select the partition where deleted file recovery will be made and click “Recover” button.

Next, users only need to scan and check files which need restoring, and then appoint a storage path for recovered files. After recovered files are saved to a safe place, deleted file recovery will be finished successfully.
Seeing the above example, users should know how to restore deleted files even if recycle bin has been emptied.


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