Align Partition for Windows XP

With the rapid development of computer industry. 4K hard drive has become the mainstream in hard drive industry. Since Seagate and WD have released their own 4K hard drives, 4K hard drive appears in the nowdays market. At this time, “Align Partition”, which is the main important thing, has become a hot topic on many large forums.

As we all know, in a 4K hard drive, 512 B, the sector size in a traditional hard drives, increases to 4096B.  It is a great regulation and the  Enlarging sector size improves properties and use ratio of a hard drive. However, those advantages are based on the premise that 4K hard drive partition has been aligned. If it is not, those advantages can not be shown. At this time, many users may have doubts. What is “Align Partition”? We’ll introduce it briefly.

Simply speaking, partition alignment in 4K hard drive is to write data in according to the criterion of 4096B sector. But in the operating systems predating Windows Vista, data files are written in according to the criterion of the file system predatingNTFS 6.x. For example, in Windows XP, if a 4K hard drive is used to store data, the write-in point of data is located just between two 4K sectors. Even if a very small data is written in, two 4K sectors will be taken all the same. This situation will definitely influence the speed of writing data in and the available space of a hard drive. Therefore, partition alignment in 4K hard drive is of important significance. Certainly, if you are using operating systems higher than Windows Vista, in which data are written in according to NTFS 6.x standard, all partitions formatted by built-in disk management tool are aligned by default. Thus, in Windows Vista and Windows 7, it seldom occurs that partition is not aligned.

Align partition for Windows XP
Many Windows XP users may ask how to align partition for Windows XP since that in operating systems predating Windows Vista, that partition is not aligned happens frequently. Don’t worry, as long as we have the free partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard, partition alignment for Windows can be realized easily.

 Firstly, we  need to visit to download the free partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard. After installation, launch it. We’ll firstly use it to check properties of the hard disk that is being used.

From the above interface, we can see the sector size of the selected hard drive is 4096 B, so the hard drive is a 4K hard drive. Now, select the 4K hard drive and click Align All Partitions” function to align partition in the 4K hard drive.

We still need to click “Apply” button. After the partition magic stops operating, aligning partition for Windows XP is finished successfully.

Along the above demonstration, have you understand a new understanding of partition alignment in 4K hard drive?? For more information about 4 K hard drives and the free partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard, pls visit other pages of MiniTool Partition Wizard.


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