The Restrictions and Conditions Of Reference Partition

As we know , No matter what we do, there would be some restrictions to limited us. Reference partition is no exception. The following are some conditions and restrictions of reference partition :

The child table must specify a referential integrity constraint defined on the table being created. This constraint must be in enable validate not  deferral state (the default) and refer to a primary or unique key on the parent table.

The foreign key columns referenced in constraint must be not null

The constraint cannot use the on delete null clause.

The parent table referenced must be an existing partitioned table. All partitioning methods except interval partitioning are supported.

The foreign key cannot contain any virtual columns.

The referenced primary key or unique constraint on the parent table cannot contain any virtual columns.

Reference partitioning cannot be used for index-organized tables, external tables, or domain index storage tables.

A chain of reference partitioned tables can be created, but constraint used can’t be self-referencing.

The row movement setting for both tables must match.

Reference partitioning cannot be specified in a create table … as select statement.



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