Partition Size Increasing In Windows Vista

Do you find that your computer runs slowly and slowly when using Windows Vista and it will be different after system partition is cleaned up.this is due to system partition  lacking of space.  Windows Vista occupied a larger space  than that occupied by Windows XP and other operation system. Let’s see an example . If you divide system partition for Windows Vista according to the original partition mode of Windows XP, space lacking may frequently occurs , which is more serious. This may leads low speed of the operating system. What’s even worse. the operating system may crash and the consequence is unexpected. So, when you encounter this problem, you are supposed to increase partition size in Vista. And the partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard is highly recommended.

MiniTool Partition Wizard
MiniTool Partition Wizard has powerful functions and runs perfectly in Windows Vista, which can not be realized by most partition magic. We’ll introduce the partition magic briefly for users’ further understanding.
1. Comprehensive functions: besides increasing partition in Vista, the partition magic can also help users create partition, shrink partition, delete partition, format partition, resize partition, change partition size, convert file system and so on.
2. Excellent compatibility: runs perfectly in Windows Vista as well as other common operating systems like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008.

Increase Vista partition size with MiniTool Partition Wizard
Increasing Vista partition size with MiniTool Partition Wizard, we need to visit its official website to download and install thefree partition magic to the computer. After the preparation, launch the partition magic and we’ll see the following interface.

This is the main interface. Select the system partition to be increased and click “Move/Resize” to enter the following operating interface.

This is the interface of Move/Resize Partition. Drag the right triangle rightward to lengthen Partition Handle, thereby increasing system partition size. After the operation, click “OK” to go back to the main interface.

In the main interface, we can see the system partition has increased. Please click “OK“. After all operations are performed,increasing partition size in Vista in completed as well.

Those above are parts of the features. For more functions of MiniTool Partition Wizard, please visit the official website Words description may not enough. We will show how to increase Vista partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard, to make users understand it well.


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