Method of Recovering Your Lost or Deleted Partitions

  • Partition Recovery is one of the method of recovering your lost or deleted partitions.
  • There are 3 methods to start this function:
  • Click Partition Recovery under Disk Operations in the Action Panel.
  • Click on Wizard in the top menu, then select Partition Recovery Wizard from the drop down menu.
  • Click on Disk in the top menu, then select Partition Recovery from the drop down menu.
  • After initiating this function, a dialog box will appear and the steps are as follows:
  • a. Select the disk you would like Partition Recovery Wizard to scan for lost partitions.
  • b. Set the scanning method: Full Disk, Unallocated Space, or Specified Range
  • c. Set the scanning method: quick scan or full scan
    d. After scanning, select the partitions you would like to recover from the list. Here, you should not only select the lost partitions but also the complete present partitions, then click the button Finish. Partition Wizard will rebuild a partition table for the chosen partitions.

    • 1. If selected Full Disk, Partition Recovery Wizard will scan the entire disk.
    • 2. If selected Unallocated Space, Partition Recovery Wizard will scan free space only.
    • 3. If selected Specified Range, you can enter the range you want Partition Recovery Wizard to scan. For advanced users.
  •  Finished operation. More information :

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