Master Boot Record(MBR) Got Damaged Sounds Little Scary

Are your Master Boot Record(MBR) got damaged? This message sounds really scary, but if your hard drive is still intact then don’t worry at all. In most of the cases you can fix this type of problems by following simple procedure to repair your MBR. Whenever you will start your computer it looks for MBR, which tells to the BIOS that which partition of the hard drive has OS.

If MBR is damaged, it means your BIOS can not identify the OS and then it will give a message like Error loading OS or Invalid disk partition table or Missing OS. But fortunately you can recover or repair MBR by using Partition Wizard.

How to fix damaged MBR: In Windows XP setup CDROM you can find Recovery Console. By using this Recovery Console tool you can repair a damaged MBR or Disk Partition Table or boot sector.

The following steps will help you to start the Recovery Console and fix your damaged MBR. 
• After Inserting Windows XP Setup CD in CDROM drive restart your PC
• If your computer is prompting like press any key to start the booting from CD then do it immediately. If you not press any key, then it will try to boot from the hard drive.
• After Installing few files it will prompt like press R to start Recovery Console.
• Whenever this Recovery Console starts, it will ask you to enter the partition number that you need to repair in Windows XP. Most of the cases the number is “1.” After entering this number and pressing the “Enter” key it will continue with the setup. If you have not entered any number and pressed Enter then your computer will restart immediately by quitting from the installation of Recovery Console Program.
• After finishing that installation it will ask to enter your Administrator password. If you are not entering right password, you cannot continue for further.
• After entering right password it will open the Recovery Console command prompt, here type fix MBR command and then press Enter to continue the process.

At this point, the Recovery Console will create a new MBR and replace the old one. After finishing this creation, you can reboot your computer normally. In very rare cases you should repair the boot sector or disk partition table in addition to the MBR. If still you PC does not work properly then repeat those steps above mentioned and type fix boot instead of firmer command.

NOTE: If you are using procedure to run Recovery Console, then it will assume that you have only one OS in your system. But, if you have more than one Operating System in your PC, then you need to search for additional information to fix the problem of MBR or Boot sector by using the commands firmer and fix boot respectively.

By using the Partition Wizard tool you can easily fix the problems of MBR (MBR) or Disk Partition Table. Just insert your bootable Partition Wizard CD in the drive and restart. The system will boot from the Bootsuite 2011 CD and provide you with an easy-to-follow menu with options to fix your MBR with a single click.


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