This Is The Powerful Function “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic” Of The Dynamic Disk Manager, MiniTool Partition Wizard

The actual definition associated with powerful drive had been submit whenever Home windows 2000 had been produced as well as this kind of drive is actually better than fundamental drive. Powerful drive has the capacity to assist customers recognize administration associated with a variety of hard disks. We are able to produce various kinds of quantities and also the solitary quantity isn’t restricted to the area associated with solitary drive. Apart from, powerful drive offers fairly bigger capability, which is good for enhancing procedure pace associated with pc as well as being able to access pace associated with document. In addition, quantities within powerful drive aid safeguarding information info. This is a result of these types of benefits which powerful drive design can be used in many Machines. However for typical customers, powerful drive is actually different. As a matter of fact, converting basic disk to dynamic disk can be easily carried out with built-in disk management tool.

Firstly, right click “Computer” and select “Manage” in the popping up menu bar to enter management interface. Then in the interface of “Server Manager“, find and unfold “Storage“. Next, click “Disk Management” to get the interface of Disk Management.

From the picture, it can be seen there are several disks in the computer and they are all basic disks. At this time, right click any disk and select “Convert to Dynamic Disk” in the popping up menu bar to get the next interface.

In this interface, select the disk that will be converted to dynamic disk. We will select four disks and click “OK“. Then click “Continue” according to the prompt information to finish converting basic disk to dynamic disk.

Returning to the disk management interface, we can see all disks have been converted to dynamic disk from basic disk, which is so simple.

Convert to Basic Disk
Viewing the aforementioned functions, several people can’t aid changing the sole simple hard drive to be able to energetic hard drive, yet right after the conversion process, the particular worth stated earlier can’t be experienced. Nevertheless, people positive aspects simply locate appearance inside numerous hard drives. If you have only 1 hard drive and it’s also changed into energetic hard drive, we could simply generate basic amount as opposed to producing some other forms of amounts just like spanned amount, yet basic amount does not have any difference coming from partition inside simple hard drive. Understanding that sort of the conversion process will be a lot more undesirable regarding people to control hard drive, regarding we could scarcely function energetic hard drive and a lot hard drive director computer software won’t help energetic hard drive supervision, except if we all utilize MiniTool Partition Wizard; yet we all simply can cause basic amount in that circumstance. As a result, it really is reminded that when there are numerous hard drives inside the personal computer, it’s advocated to be able to change simple hard drive to be able to energetic hard drive in the interests of convenient utilize and also supervision. But also for individual hard drive, simple hard drive type will be advised. Experiencing this informative article, possibly several people have previously changed the sole hard drive to be able to energetic hard drive, yet it is extremely challenging to be able to change energetic hard drive to be able to simple hard drive together with built-in hard drive supervision application. We could proper click the energetic hard drive inside the hard drive supervision software as well as the pursuing software will probably be demonstrated.

In the picture, although the built-in disk management tool has the function “Convert to Basic Disk“, it is not operable. Why? This is the defect of the built-in disk management tool. We can not convert dynamic disk to basic disk with it unless there is no volume in the disk. Thus, to convert dynamic disk to basic disk with system built-in disk management tool, all volumes should be deleted. If there is only one disk in the computer, we can not delete the volume where the system is. At this time, we are facing a big dilemma. Is there any other method for conversion? Yes. We can use the dynamic disk manager MiniTool Partition Wizard to convert dynamic disk to basic disk.

In the main interface, select any dynamic disk and the option “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic” will appear in the left “Operations” area. Click the option and then click “Apply“. Now the dynamic disk manager prompts us to restart the computer. In the restarting process, this dynamic disk management software will perform all operations automatically and after the computer is restarted, dynamic disk is converted to basic disk successfully. In the entire process, data files will not be damaged or lost, neither will the disk where system volume. This is the powerful function “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic” of the dynamic disk manager, MiniTool Partition Wizard. For more other information, please visit the website


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