As We All Know That The Recycle Bin Is A Folder That Holds Your Deleted Files, Folders, Shortcuts, And Programs

As we all know that the Recycle Bin is a folder that holds your deleted files, folders, shortcuts, and programs. And also the Recycle Bin settings can be changed by anyone using Windows default rights. If your computer is accessed by many people and you wanna increase its security by removing this right, you can edit the “Permission for BitBucket” through Windows Registry and set it to “read only” rights for all users. To do this you have to edit Windows registry. If you are not familiar with editing Windows registry do not attempt this because mistakes in editing the registry can lead to serious problems in your computer. Be sure to back up the registry before saving the edits you make.

To backup your Windows Registry, make sure you are logged in as administrator.  Save it in a folder that you can locate immediately.Go to Start>all Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore. The changes will only take place after you restart the computer. Another method of backing up the registry is by exporting it. Go to Start>Run and type Regedit in the text field and hit Enter. In the Regedit window go to File then select in the menu “Import or Export”. Save the file as .reg, you can name it whatever you like, it could be the date you exported it so that you will remember the particular state of the computer when you exported it.

The next step is to go deep within the Registry and locate the BitBucket key.

Lunch the Regedit.exe, to do it just click on Start and click on Run and on the text field type “regedit.exe” without the quotes and hit the enter key. The Regedit window will appear. There are two windows or partitions in the Regedit box, look at the left side partition you will see six folders arranged in a column, one on top of the other. The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder is in the middle, third from the top. The next step is to follow the path HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Explorer.

Just follow that path HKEY_Local_Machine is third from the top. Nested under it is the long path down to the BitBucket key. To locate BitBucket key click on the + at the root of the HKEY_Local_Machine folder to unwrap it. After you click the + you will see that the HKEY_Local_Machine folder will expand and under it you will see the Software folder. Click on the Software folder to expand it and see the Microsoft folder. Do the same process following the path given until you reach the last and bottom folder named Explorer.

If you clean your Recycle Bin ,While, at the same time ,you  can launch the 3rd party software to recover your data, or to back up your data


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