With The Disk Copy Or Partition Copy Function of Server Partition Magic Tool ,You Could Clone Windows 2003 With Ease.

With the disk copy or partition copy function of server partition magic tool – MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition, you could Clone windows 2003 with ease.

Usually, we clone Windows 98/Me system disk or partition with Norton Ghost can go smoothly. However, the problem of failing to boot or land occurs when clone Windows 2000 Server and windows 2003 server system disk or partition. Here, we give a method  to solve this problem. Backup the system file to be a image file and restore system partition from the image file onto another hard disk. In this way, the system hard disk cloned is able to run properly. Of course, the image file can also be recovered onto the system partition of the original hard disk to restore the damaged system.

Is there  any a simple way? 1. Select the disk that needs to be set primary partition.
2. Choose Modify and then select Set partition as Primary in the right click menu.
Please visit http://www.partitionwizard.com/download.html to free download MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition, with the disk copy or partition copy function of it to solve the problem easily. Install and open the software, select the system partition and choose Copy in right click menu.

Clone the partition according to the software guidance . Maybe most users will raise a question like this, when backed up system is restored onto the original disk, whether it is still able to boot. The answer is yes. When partition is restored onto the original disk, the OS still boot properly. Only one thing you should remember is that  a boot partition, system partition is primary partition but not logical partition. So change it as primary partition after you find it is logical partition after the partition recovery. All this can be achieved through the software shown as below:

From the picture above, it is also very easy to change logical partition as primary partition.


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