Many Users Have Met The Situation Where It Is Necessary To Resize Partition

Many users have met the situation where it is necessary to resize partition when using Windows Server 2003. Since most Windows Server 2003 users are not familiar with resizing partition and system built-in disk management tool is unable to resize partition, they have to choose server partition software. However, the majority  server partition software on the current software market has defects. If users resize partition in Windows Server 2003 by using inferior server partition software, they may encounter different kinds of problems such as partition management failure, data loss, partition loss, and system crash. Well then, how to download a piece of powerful server partition software? Here, we suggest visiting to download professional server partition software. It will not disappoint users.

How to Resize partition in Windows Server 2003 by using professional server partition software?

To use professional server partition software, users should download and install it to computer at first. After installation, run it to open the main interface. Then, select the partition which needs resizing and click the function “Move/Resize Partition” to get the following interface:

Here, users can resize partition through dragging triangles on both edges of the partition handle or imputing exact value to corresponding textbox. Then, click “OK” button to go back to main interface. In the main interface, users will find selected partition is resized. Nevertheless, this is just a preview effect. If users want to apply this preview effect to computer, they need to click the functional button “Apply“. After that, the work to resize partition in Windows Server 2003 will be finished thoroughly.

Now, do you know how to resize partition in Windows Server 2003 by using professional server partition software.


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