There Is No Doubt That Windows Server 2012 Is A Heavyweight Server Product For Enterprise Rather Than Product For Common Consumers

There is no doubt that Windows Server 2012 is a heavyweight server product for enterprise rather than product for common consumers. This new type of Server operating system has new powerful functions:

1.  Hyper-V copy and new disaster recovery: Hyper-V copy is a new function which can help enterprise users reduce IT input cost on disaster recovery. Cost performance is quite high.

2.  Add centralized accessing strategy: for server, there are 2 permissions set, namely shared permission and NTFS permission. When users visit network resources, they get information based on the strictest group of permission.

3.  New authorization permission: for enterprises, Microsoft has simplified authorization permission of Windows Server. In total, there are 2 editions of Windows Server 2012, namely Windows Server 2012 standard edition and Windows Server 2012 Data Center. And Windows Server enterprise edition has become a history.

 After seeing these new functions, many users should be like to have a try of this Server operating system. However, with the increase of new functions, Server operating system needs to take up more space. As a result, Windows Server 2012 system partition is easy to run out of space. When low disk space emerges, operating system may run slowly or even crash. Therefore, users need to resize Windows Server 2012 system partition timely and effectively.  However, as Windows Server 2012 built-in disk management tool has defects in resizing partition, users are suggested choosing professional server partition magic. Now, visit the professional downloading website to download absolutely excellent server partition magic.


Resize Windows Server 2012 system partition by using professional server partition magic


Resize Windows Server 2012 system partition


The above interface is the main interface of recommended server partition magic. In this interface, if users want to resize Windows Server 2012 system partition to deal with low disk space, they need to select the system partition which needs resizing and choose the function “Move/Resize Partition”. After that, detailed prompts will be given to guide users. When all operations are performed, professional server partition magic helps resize Windows Server 2012 system partition safely and successfully.


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