Currently, Most Partition Magic Is Specially Developed For Windows PC Operating Systems And Can Not Be Compatible With Server Operating System

Currently, most partition magic is specially developed for Windows PC operating systems and can not be compatible with Server operating system. Even if users find server partition magic, sometimes it still can not help server users solve problems, because Windows Server 2008 R2 is just suitable for 64 bit environment. Therefore, many users are eager to download a partition magic for Server 2008 R2.

We recommend a professional downloading website namely  firstly. Server partition magic downloaded from this website can help users accomplish almost all server partition management in several steps. Look at the following interface:

Partition magic Server 2008 R2

After running the partition magic for Server 2008 R2 and right clicking a partition, we can see the interface above. In this interface, all-sided server partition management functions are shown, like move/resize partition,extend partitionmerge partitionsplit partitioncopy partitionexplore partitionhide partitionchange cluster size, and convert file system.

All these functions can meet commonly seen demands for server partition management. It is very easy to accomplish server partition management. Firstly, users need to select the partition which needs managing and choose a suitable function. Then, detailed prompts will be given to show users how to take the next operation. When all desired changes are made, users need to click the functional module “Apply” to apply all changes to computer. After that, partition magic for Server 2008 R2 completes server partition management thoroughly. When visiting the partition which was operated, users will find this server partition magic brings no influence on data.


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