If Users Need To Manage Partitions On Computer, This Partition Magic Software Will Be The Best Choice

To learn about disk management tool,  we see a case as following first:

Question: When installing Windows Server 2003, I didn’t plan well. And now there are several partitions having much spare space left and I want to shrink partition on Windows 2003 and then create new partitions. How to perform the operations?
Answer: Neither Windows Server 2003 built-in disk management tool nor command prompt tool is able to shrink partition on Windows 2003. Therefore, if users want to perform the operations, partition magic software becomes the only solution. However, it is not easy to find suitable partition magic to shrink partition on Windows 2003 because there is little partition magic software compatible with Windows Server 2003. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, users could visit http://www.resize-partition.com to download the professional partition magic to resize partition on Windows Server 2003.

Shrinking partition on Windows 2003 with partition magic
Before shrinking partition on Windows Server 2003, please download the professional partition magic and then install it to the computer. Then launch it and select the partition that will be shrunk and then click “Move/Resize” function. The following interface will be shown.

The above window shows the resizing interface, users could shrink partition on Windows 2003 by dragging the two arrows towards the middle or inputting exact values in the textboxes. After resizing, please click “OK” to go back to the main interface. Then click “Apply” to execute the operations. After all operations are finished, shrinking partition on Windows 2003 is completed as well.

However, shrinking partition is only one of the functions of this partition magic. And it can also help users create partition,extend partitionmerge partitions and so on. Users can use it to realize almost all partition management operations. If users need to manage partitions on computer, this partition magic software will be the best choice.


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