If You Want To Have Applications That Can Wipe Free Disk Space

If you want to have applications that can wipe free disk space, you can easily find them in any computer shop, both physical and virtual. These would inevitably come with many features so be sure to get the application that has features that suit your needs the best.

How to wipe Windows 7 data partition by using MiniTool Drive Wipe?
To wipe Windows 7 data partition, we should own this drive wipe software at first. Through visiting the official website http://www.minitool-drivewipe.com, users can download it reliably. After installation, run it to open its main interface like the interface below:

Here, users should select the functional module “Wipe Partition” since they need to wipe Windows 7 data partition. Then, select the partition which needs wiping and click “Next>” button to get the following interface:

In this interface, users need to select a suitable wiping method according to actual demands. Different wiping methods own different wiping effects and require different time. Then, click “Finish” button to perform all operations. When all operations are performed, professional drive wipe software MiniTool Drive Wipe helps wipe Windows 7 data partition successfully. As a matter of fact, both deleting and formatting can not delete private data thoroughly since professional data recovery software is able to recover deleted data and formatted data very easily. But luckily, with the maturity of software technology,drive wipe software which can help wipe Windows 7 data partition thoroughly has appeared. Now, as long as users choose professional drive wipe software MiniTool Drive Wipe, private data can be wiped completely and permanently.


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