Today’s Modern Drives Are Equipped With Features 10-year-Old Hard Drives Don’t Have

Today’s modern drives are equipped with features 10-year-old hard drives don’t have. Moreover, multi-pass data was implemented when floppy disks were popular. Which means, during that time, Run Length Limited (RLL) and Modified Frequency Modulation (MFM) was the encoding used in hard disk drives and these encoding methods are not being used in hard disk drives for more than a decade now.

Although there are no known cases about a hard disk drive being used to gather sensitive information and sell it, preventing something to happen can save you a lot of money and resources, as opposed to fixing the problem.

Free disk wipe software – MiniTool Drive Wipe. MiniTool Drive Wipe Software can quickly wipe disk partition data for you.

MiniTool Drive Wipe has powerful data wipe function to ensure your disk data safety. The data can not be found no matter by software or hardware recover.

MiniTool Drive Wipe Software can solve it for you. Download it at It supports 32/64 Windows 2000 professional, Windows XP, Windows7 and Vista. This professional data wipe tool is free for household users offering 7*24 professional service and you will enjoy it.

MiniTool Drive Wipe Software has simple interface and functions divided into Wipe Partition and Wipe Disk. Even you are not professional, you can complete operations by wizard and mouse click. MiniTool Drive Wipe is so simple and it is a must-have tool for your computer.


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