Many Users Would Like To Convert Disk To GPT For The Sake Of Better Disk Management

If users back up important data which needs updating frequently by using this method, data backup can not be updated synchronously. But now, we will introduce a method which is suitable for backing up commonly used data, namely using drive to drive copy software to copy partition which stores important data.
We believe many users want to know why use drive to drive copy software to back up commonly used important data. That is because data format and attributes of data back will not change, and users can update or use data backup directly. Therefore, drive to drive copy software is a good tool to back up important data. 

Copying GPT disk with MiniTool Drive Copy
Before copying GPT disk with MiniTool Drive Copy, please visit the official website to download the free drive copy software and install it to the computer. Then launch it and users will see its main interface. If users are going to copy GPT partition, click “Partition to Partition” module and then perform operations by following software prompts. And the following interface will appear.

Users can drag the two arrows to resize partitions and users can also move partition. Then click “Finish” button. After all operations are finished, copying GPT partition with MiniTool Drive Copy will be accomplished as well.

Some users may still not take it seriously because they think a piece of drive copy software is able to solve the problem. But is it really so easy? Actually, most of the drive copy software in the software market is not in support of copying GPT disk because it has many function flaws. Here, we suggest thefree disk copy software – MiniTool Drive Copy, which is able to copy GPT disk easily.


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