Since Tthere Is Much Windows Data Recovery Software In The Software Market, It Is Uneasy To Find The Suitable

Since there is much Windows data recovery software in the software market, it is uneasy to find the suitable. Most of the data recovery software is inferior. Once this kind of software is used, it will cause great troubles. It is likely to make users fail in data recovery and cause damages to the original data, which is unacceptable for anyone. Therefore, in order to prevent those disasters, users can visit to download the free Windows data recovery software and use it to recover lost data.

Advantages of the free data recovery software for Windows
The recommended free Windows data recovery software is able to meet users’ almost all demands for data recovery, for example, recovering deleted data, recovering data from formatted partition, damaged partition, lost partition, CD and DVD and other storage devices. The following is the screenshot of its main interface.

We can see many data recovery modules in the main interface. According to practical data loss situations, users can use corresponding modules to recover lost data on Windows in different situations. It will not influence the original data. It also has many utility auxiliary functions, and “Advanced Filter” function is one of them. The following shows the interface of the function.

From the above, we can see that files can be filtered through extension name, file size, creation time and modification time. It can reduce the influences of unnecessary files, thereby improving data recovery efficiency and accuracy.
If you want to recover lost data on Windows in many situations but don’t have professional data recovery knowledge, it is necessary to download professional Windows data recovery software. And there is free data recovery software for Windows which can meet users’ demands for Windows data recovery and has simple operations. Users can use it to recover lost data easily.
If you want to get more information about the functions of the free Windows data recovery software, please visit the official website.


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