Main Goal Here Is To Select All Files And Folders You Want To Recover

Main goal here is to select all files and folders you want to recover. You might see the files have two colors. About this situation, please read the FAQ. Maximize MiniTool Mac Data Recovery application window now; get more details on files and folders you are going to recover.

There are 2 important folders in recovered virtual file system – “Lost files” and “Raw Files”. Be sure to check both of them, sometimes, recovered files will be placed here.

You can walk thru folder tree in the left pane, seeing subfolders and files in the right pane, with the name, size, files count, date and time.

When you choose one file, you can right click the file. And then you will find an option Recover. With this function, you will be allowed to directly save this file to the appointed directory.

Headers of columns are clickable; you can change sorting order for the list of files by clicking header of the column.

You can search for files and find file by name with buttons on the upside of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery application window.

Working with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery‘s file/folder tree is simple – you can walk thru the tree, check subfolders and preview contents of files.


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