Resizing Partition Is Just One Of Functions Provided By Windows Server 2008 Partition Software

Because needs with regard to information storage space tend to be transforming unceasingly, customers frequently experience the problem exactly where unique server partition cannot fulfill present needs with regard to information storage space. Below this case, customers have to carry out server partition administration fairly. Of course, resizing partition is just one of functions provided by Windows Server 2008 partition software.   Well then, how can users manage partition in Windows Server 2008 more reasonably? Do they need to use system built-in disk management tool? Users who are familiar with Windows Server 2008 know system built-in disk management tool just owns quite limited functions and can not meet actual demands for server partition management. Therefore, if users want to manage partition in Windows Server 2008 better, they should resort to powerfulWindows Server 2008 partition software.

What is Windows Server 2008 partition software?
Unlike common partition software, Windows Server 2008 partition software not only supports server partition management but owns quite all-sided functions. It can meet almost all demands for server partition management. The following screenshot is the main interface of Windows Server 2008 partition software:

In this interface, as long as users select a partition, detailed functions will appear in “Operations” column, like format partition, delete partition, move/resize partition, extend partition, merge partitions, split partition, and copy partition. And users just need to select the most suitable function and take operations according to prompts. For example, if users want to resize server partition by using this Windows Server 2008 partition software, they should select the partition which needs resizing and choose the function “Move/Resize Partition“. When all operations are applied to computer, desired server partition management will be finished thoroughly.

If users want to get detailed information about this software or want to download it to manage partition in Windows Server 2008 better, please visit the website


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