Every Partition Could Be Used For Different Purposes Like Installing An Operating System, Storing Data, Creating Backup And More


Consider a practical situation, where you like to re-size the partitions. When the resizing process is in progress, a power outage occurs and your computer system shuts down improperly. After this incident, when you restart the computer, you might come across the underwritten error message:”A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to our computer”When the above mentioned error message takes place, your Windows system becomes unbootable and all of the hard disk partitions become inaccessible.

Root of the issue

The major cause of this behavior of Microsoft Windows is interrupted resizing operation. It corrupts the partitions. When you resize the partitions, all of the data that is used by operating system to identify a hard drive is changed. In case of interruption, the new data can not be written properly and thus operating system can not identify the partition.


In order to overcome this dilemma and gain access of your Windows hard drive partitions, go through the underwritten steps to carry out Partition Recovery:

  • Boot your computer with “last known good configuration” in debug mode.
  • You must uninstall or disable the anti-virus and backup tools.
    Then, boot the system from install CD and use ChkDsk command to detect and repair disk related errors or corruption.

When all else fails, go to Partition Recovery Software to retrieve lost, missing or inaccessible hard drive partition. These are powerful third party applications, which use advanced scanning mechanisms to retrieve all of the hard drive partitions. These software come equipped with interactive user interface and thus do no demand sound technical skills to achieve absolute recovery.



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