Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery To Fast Recover Accidentally Deleted Emails In Outlook

Professional Outlook email recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is indeed a piece of professional Outlook email recovery software. This software is not only equipped with comprehensive functions, which can help users recover lost emails when email loss is caused by soft faults, but also equipped with high compatibility, making it possible to run perfectly under nearly all Windows operating systems. In addition, professional Outlook email recovery software is also able to help users recover lost emails from various partitions, such as FAT 12, FAT 32 and NTFS. After continuous upgrade, recovery support for raw file data, such as m4v, 3g2, wtv, wrf, pps and dps has been added to professional Outlook email recovery software.If users have lost important emails unfortunately when using Outlook client, they needn’t worry about it. The reason is that there is a piece of professional Outlook email recovery software named MiniTool Power Data Recovery which can help users recover lost emails in Outlook quickly. Well, what advantages does this professional Outlook email recovery software have? Users can find the answer after reading the following content.

Of course, users can’t fully understand the powerful email recovery functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery through above brief introduction. It is advisable for users to experience the excellent performance of professional Outlook email recovery software in practice. In order to let users know how to recover lost emails, we will take “How to finish accidentally deleted email recovery quickly by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery” as an example.

Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to fast recover accidentally deleted emails in Outlook

If users want to finish accidentally deleted email recovery quickly by using professional Outlook email recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery, they need to firstly visit to download and install MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then, run professional Outlook email recovery software to enter its main interface shown below:
Outlook email recovery software

From above main interface, users can find professional Outlook email recovery software provides various function modules to satisfy users’ different email recovery requirements. Since users want to recover accidentally deleted emails, they only need to choose corresponding function module “Undelete Recovery”. After clicking it, users will see the following interface:
Outlook email recovery software1

In this interface, users need to select the hard disk partition where deleted emails were and click “Recover” button in the left action panel of professional Outlook email recovery software to scan selected partition. At the end of scanning, the interface below will appear:
Outlook email recovery software2

The scanning result is displayed in above interface. We can see there are so many data, so it will take a lot of time to find needed emails if users choose to find them one by one. Luckily, there is a filter function – “Advanced Filter” button in the left side of professional Outlook email recovery software. Clicking this button, users will see the following interface for filtering:
Outlook email recovery software3

Users can find needed emails through filtering all data by email parameters, such as format, size and creation time. After that, click “OK” button to return to the interface of email recovery. At this time, users will find the number of email in this interface is decreased greatly. Thus, users are able to easily find accidentally deleted emails in Outlook. The last thing that users should do to recover lost emails is to save recovered emails into a safe place. It is not until all operations had been finished by professional Outlook email recovery software that users have completed the whole process to recover accidentally deleted emails in Outlook.


There Are Many Solutions To It And Clone Hard Drive Is Relatively More Simple Among Them

The lost data on hard drive will cause trouble to users, so hard drive is important to users. You can reboot by Hard Drive, CD/DVD, Removable Dev, Realtek Boot Agent or Disabled. Commonly, computers reboot on hard drive storing large numbers of data. There are many solutions to it and clone hard drive is relatively more simple among them. By doing so, disk data is backed up for future use when disk failure without reinstalling system.

You can clone hard drive in many ways and MiniTool Drive Copy can do it easily. MiniTool Drive Copy is compatible with windowsXP, windows vista and windows 7 and file system such as FAT16, FAT 32 and NTFS. Tiny and practical, MiniTool Drive Copy is sheltered from effect result from different operating system versions. All is done with only four steps. The software interface as below:

MiniTool Drive Copy can both clone disk and partition. Click disk to disk to clone hard disk drive and click partition to partition to clone partition. For users, choose disk to disk can avoid repeatedly operating partition to partition, thus increasing efficiency. There is website and support link for users to use MiniTool Drive Copy conveniently.

Details about MiniTool Drive Copy and download at

In Order To Develop Better, Enterprises Need To Enhance Operational Efficiency By Making Use Of Various Software And Network Or Promote Products Through Network

  Here are some suggestions on making full use of server: In order to develop better, enterprises need to enhance operational efficiency by making use of various software and network or promote products through network. If users want to make this series of operations realized, server trusteeship is a piece of indispensable equipment. However, not every server can make full use of 100% resources, and some servers just own 50% use ratio. It is a big waste. Well then, how does enterprise make server work best? Firstly, users should consider actual demands when purchasing server. Some enterprises buy server which is equipped with high configuration without considering actual demands, which is not suggested. Actually, server users can try using small products. When small products can not meet actual demands any more, they can upgrade them, which can save both money and resources largely. Secondly, in the season when server is not used commonly, users can do other work on server so as to enhance server resource use ration. At last, one server can be used by several people or server can be used in specific time, which can furthest make use of server resources so as to get most economic benefits.
  Server partition magic: Thus it can be seen, making use of server effectively indeed can bring enterprises great economic benefits. However, these suggestions are just a part of measures which can make full use of server. If users want to further enhance server use ratio, they need to perform good server partition management, too. High-efficient server partition management is one of reasons why Fortune 500 enterprises own pretty powerful strength in addition to excellent products and service. Talking about server partition management, some users think of using Partition Manager. Nevertheless, this software does not do well in stability. A survey shows many server users are willing to use a partition manager server named MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Partition manager server 2003

This is the main interface of the partition manager server. From this interface, we can see many powerful server partition management functions like resize partition, move partition, create partitionextend partitionsplit partition,delete partitionformat partitionexplore partitionhide partition, and wipe partition. It is reported that MiniTool Partition Wizard owns many unmatchable functions. A user says MiniTool Partition Wizard supports all commonly seen Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. A server user said MiniTool Partition Wizard is the safest and the most table partition manager for Server 2003 among all partition manager servers he had used. Well then, why does this partition manager server own extremely high security and stability? Users can visit to get detailed information.

Any Careless Operation May Lead To Virus Infection And A Large Amount Of Pictures May Be Lost

Any careless operation may lead to virus infection and a large amount of pictures may be lost. Most users are caring about how to recover lost pictures. To recover lost pictures caused by virus attack, we should firstly get to know what kind of damage the pictures have. Generally, there are two situations of picture loss caused by virus attack:

1. Pictures have been deleted by virus: there are two situations: 
System runs normally: if the virus has not caused system crash, it is easy to recover lost pictures. We only need todownload a piece of photo recovery software from the Internet and use it to recover lost pictures.
System crashes: under the situation that system crashes because of virus attack, it is very difficult to recover lost pictures. The solution is to take out hard drive and then install it to other computer and then perform photo recovery.
These are situations and solutions of pictures loss caused by virus. Indeed, system crash caused by virus attack is a rather serious problem and the situation of moving hard drive is also in risk. Hard drive is a very precise device that any slight strike may cause physical damage. However, there is a fantastic solution now – MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is developed by the famous software company MiniTool Solution Ltd.. With the development of data recovery technology, this software has been added with the function of recovering lost pictures from crashed system.
2. Pictures have been hidden by virus: when pictures are hidden, we only need to kill the virus with anti-virus software and then the pictures will be recovered.
Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost pictures caused by system crash
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a piece of powerful photo recovery software which has various editions, includingMiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk. This edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps users recover lost pictures from crashed system. Next, this is a brief introduction to MiniTool Power Data Recovery for better understanding.

This screenshot is the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk. From this main interface, we can find that MiniTool Power Data Recovery is made up by four independent functional modules, aiming at different data recovery such as undelete recovery, formatted partition recovery, partition logical error recovery, and lost partition recovery. Selecting one suitable module according to specific data loss situation will help us to promote recovery efficiency and success rate.

To visit official website or to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery for deeper understanding and free photo recovery now.

It Has Been Mentioned Above That This Free CD Recovery Software Is Able To Recover Lost Data In Different Situations

Powerful CD recovery software, recovering data from damaged CD

Users may want to recover data from damaged CD in this situation, but the operation is not easy to realize. First of all, users are supposed to find out what causes the problem. And according to practical situations, suitable solutions should be adopted. If it is physical damage that results in the problem, for example, corrosion and scratch, users have to resort to professional data recovery companies. But if the problem is engendered by soft faults such as mistaken deleting or viruses, it is easy to deal with. What users are in need of is powerful CD data recovery software.
Although little, powerful CD data recovery software does exist. Users can visit to download it. The recommended free data recovery software is able to recover lost data in many different situations, including recovering data from damaged CD. After installing it to the computer, please launch it. Its starting interface will be shown, as follows.


Users can see five data recovery modules and “CD/DVD Recovery” is able to recover data from damaged CD. After putting the damaged CD into computer driver, click the module. The following interface will be shown.


In this interface, select the damaged CD and click “Full Scan” to scan it. Then all data in the CD will be shown. Users just need to check the ones that will be recovered and click “Save Files” to store them. This method is also suitable for DVD data recovery.

It has been mentioned above that this free CD recovery software is able to recover lost data in different situations. “Undelete Recovery” helps users recover deleted data quickly; “Damaged partition Recovery” can recover data from formatted partition; “Lost Partition Recovery” is capable of data recovery from deleted partition; “Digital Media Recovery” is able to carry out photo recovery, audio recovery and video recovery. It is the best assistant for users to carry out data recovery on Windows operating systems.

And Many Windows Server 2003 Users Have Replaced Their Disks With RAID For The Sake Of Higher Storage Speed And Disk Security

We know that RAID is an effective disk combination mode. and  has many advantages.
1. Data verification and fault-tolerant function: single disk provides no fault-tolerant function if circular redundancy verification code is not considered. Fault-tolerant function of RAID is based on that of single disks, so it provided higher security. There are comprehensive verification measures or even mutual mirror backup in RAID, so they improve error tolerance of RAID, thereby improving redundancy of the system. 2. Higher transmission speed: RAID stores and reads data in several disks at the same time, which greatly improves data handling capacity. And logically, those disks are also local drives. So the speed of RAID is much higher than single disk.
Those above are advantages of RAID. And many Windows Server 2003 users have replaced their disks with RAID for the sake of higher storage speed and disk security. Although RAID brings many benefits, how to manage RAID becomes a troublesome thing. Users are looking for a professional Windows Server 2003 RAID disk partition manager. Actually, the server partition manager has come out. Users can visit to download it and use it to manage RAID disk on Windows Server 2003.

Windows Server 2003 RAID disk partition manager 

Before managing RAID disk on Windows Server 2003, please download the server partition manager and then install it. After launching it, users will see the following interface.

The above is the main interface of the Windows Server 2003 RAID disk partition manager. According to practical situations, users can use suitable functions to manage RAID disk partition. And detailed prompts will be provided in every step. Users can finish all operations easily by following the prompts, so managing RAID disk partition will be accomplished easily.

No Matter Which Windows Operating System You Use, You Can’t Avoid Accidentally Deleting Important Files

No matter which Windows operating system (such as Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012) you use, you can’t avoid accidentally deleting important files. As accidentally Windows files deleting may bring users with lots of unnecessary losses, many users desire solution which can reduce losses resulting from accidental important file deletion. To timely and effectively perform Windows undelete files operation, users need to employ a piece of professional Windows data recovery software.
Digital Media Recovery
As mentioned above, powerful “Undelete Recovery” functional module can help users easily recover deleted Windows files, but if the deleted files are digital media files, you’d better use “Digital Media Recovery” functional module. When scanning for deleted files, this functional module will automatically filter the non-digital media files, facilitating finding the desired digital media files and prompting the efficiency and accuracy of file recovery.
How to fast complete Windows undelete files operation?
As mentioned above, to timely and effectively complete Windows undelete files operation, users need the help of professional Windows data recovery software. Users can complete various file recovery operations with the recommended Windows data recovery software, for instance Windows undelete files operation. After successfully start the Windows data recovery software, users will see the main interface.

Here, users can view multiple file recovery functional modules provided by the Windows data recovery software. “Undelete Recovery” is designed to recover deleted data. Therefore, when users accidentally delete important Windows data, just recover deleted Windows data with “Undelete Recovery” functional module of Windows data recovery software.

Do you accidentally delete the important Windows data? Are you bothered because you don’t know how to find deleted important files? Just download the Windows data recovery software with powerful function via