Have You Encounter That You Have To Convert Your FAT Partition To NTFS Partition For Enhanced Security Or To Upgrade The Operating System?

Have you encounter that you have to convert  your FAT partition to NTFS partition for enhanced security or to upgrade the operating system? Unluckily,  if you have forgotten to make a backup of very important files before converting, then you will not be able to access the files stored in fat drive. However, it is still possible to recover these files. When you convert FAT file system to NTFS file system, the data that stored in the fat partition is not completely deleted from the hard drive and these files will remain inaccessible in your computer. To access these files again, you need to first recover them. In this scenario, you need to use a good FAT data recovery program to recover files stored in the fat partitions.

Some tips for selecting recovery software:

A.Before finalizing fat recovery software check whether the utility can retrieve data from various data loss scenarios and from different file formats. Always download the free demo version of the application before buying the software. This will help you to evaluate the capability of the program in restoring data from fat partition. Follow the steps given below to recover data.

B.Connect the hard drive from which you want to restore data to a healthy system as a secondary hard drive.
Install the fat data restore application to the healthy system.
Run the software to restore inaccessible data from fat partition.
Follow the instructions and accordingly restore data from fat partition.


Tips for assuring best recovery results:

Stop using the hard drive immediately after converting the partitions.

Do not try to install any new data restore program to the hard drive. This could to overwrite your lost/deleted data by new data.

Do not restart your computer after formatting or switching from FAT to NTFS, this could lead to permanent data loss.
Information in details: http://powerdatarecovery.com/


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