You Can Delete All Files On Your Drive Securely And More Permanently When You Format It

Have you formatted your hard drive?

Here is your quick guide on how to format a hard drive to be able to permanently remove the files that you have stored in your computer.

This is how to format a hard drive when you are using the Windows XP operating system:

Firstly,you need to put in the installation CD of your operating system and then reboot your computer.

1. As your computer reboots, it shall bring you to the main menu of your windows set up.

2. You will be able to view the page that says “welcome to set-up”. Hit Enter.

3. You need to accept the licensing agreement of your Windows XP.

4. If you see a prompt to repair your Windows operating system installation, press Esc to bypass the process.

5. You can now choose the partition or the un-partitioned space of your hard drive that you want formatted by choosing the arrow key. You can either delete an existing partition by clicking “D” or you can make a new partition by clicking “C”.

6. You need to key in the size of your new partition, in megabytes or MB, and then hit Enter. You can also alternately hit on Enter to create the maximum size of partition.

7. You need to specify the format that you like to use for your new partition, usually NTFS that is also the recommended format option.

8. Hit Enter.

9. Your windows set-up will then format the drive and you will see step by step instructions to install your windows that you will just have to follow.


Knowing how to format a hard drive can come in handy when you need to resell your computer, or surrender your computer to your office for whatever reasons. This will somehow ensure that the files most especially the private ones have been eliminated from your hard drive.

Learning how to format a hard drive will also be useful when your computer is infected with viruses, spyware, and other malware programs. You must be reminded, though, that knowing how to format a hard drive will not ensure that all your files including the most sensitive ones are completely eliminated from your computer. Your files may still be recovered through a recovery program even after you have formatted your computer.

Understanding how to format a hard drive though is a good start to ensure deletion of files especially those that are not too sensitive to begin with.That fantastic



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