The Physical Disk Of A Computer Is Divided Into Logical Disks

What is Raid recovery?

Quick recovery for RAID is always recommended. The software should be able to work for hard disk drive, micro drive, floppy disk, CDROM, CD-R/W, pen drive, flash drive, memory cards, digital media and other media for storage purposes.

Data RAID recovery is the process of recovering inaccessible, missing, lost, damaged or formatted drives. The process can make use of a number of methods. It can operate under the normal mode and the exhaustive mode. Thus, data recovery from crashed systems is also possible.

Why is RAID partition recovery so important?

The physical disk of a computer is divided into logical disks. These are commonly named as the C, D, E, etc drives or volumes. This is done by the process of partitioning. Sometimes partition tables become corrupt. Due to this volumes may disappear and a lot of other problems arise. This calls for the need to have RAID partition recovery.

An account, of all the information related to the number of volumes on the physical disk and their location, needs to be maintained. This is done by the Mater Boot Record (MBR) and the Extended Partition Pointers (EPPs). A partition may be of two types depending on their definition as per the MBR or the EPP. They are Primary partition and Logical drive.

The tables: MBR and EPPs are together known as the Partition Tables.

How will you understand that RAID partition recovery is required?

The system demanding RAID partition recovery shows the following symptoms:

  • Some of the volumes simply disappear. The Disk Manager shows some strange and unoccupied space, where the volumes should have been.
  • A rare case of Windows blue screen STOP: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE may be caused by damage partition table.
  • The system fails to boot up and shows error messages. Sometimes it might not show any error messageThe total storage capacity exceeds the capacity of the physical disk. This generally happens when volumes overlap with each other. This is a consequence of volumes writing to another volume and as a result the damage spreads from one volume to the other.

A software, used for RAID data recovery, is very powerful and is designed such that it can recover lost partitions or help in making bootable disks out of non-booting disks.

How to carry out the process of RAID partition recovery?

RAID recovery can be carried out with the help of a professional or by yourself. This can be sometimes done by simply repairing the damaged partition table. For example the damaged drive can be modified. In case of an operator error, where a wrong volume has been deleted, or a localized error due to virus attacks, can be rectified with the help of professionals only.

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