Do You Want To Accomplish Reasonable Windows Server Partition Resize?

For Windows Server 2003 users, can system built-in disk management tool help them resize server partition quickly and safely? The answer is obviously negative. When users need to perform Windows server partition resize, most of them may think of using system built-in disk management tool at first.After running Server 2003 built-in disk management tool and right clicking the partition which needs resizing, users can see all server partition management functions this tool provides, like the following interface shows:

From this interface, we can see there are so few functions which can only help users mark partition active, change drive letterformat partitiondelete partition, and accomplish other simple server partition management operations. As to resizing Windows server partition, this tool will not work. Nevertheless, Server 2003 users also do not need to worry about Windows server partition resize, because powerful third-party server partition software can help them accomplish this operation easily and safely.

What is third-party server partition software?Third-party server partition software mentioned here is professional server partition software not developed by operating system developers, and users can visit to download it. The server partition software not only has powerful server partition management functions but requires quite simple operations. In addition, in the process of server partition management, it can protect data to the largest extent. Next, let’s see how to accomplish Windows server partition resize by using the server partition software.
After installing the server partition software to computer and launching it, we can see the following interface:

This is the main interface of the server partition software. After selecting the partition which needs resizing, we can see multiple server partition management functions, like format partition, delete partition, move/resize partition, extend partitionmerge partitionssplit partition, and copy partition.

And to perform Windows server partition resize, we need to select the function “Move/Resize Partition” or click “Move/Resize” button from toolbar. Then, ns according to we can see partition resizing interface of the server partition software, where detailed operating prompts will be shown. And we need to take operatiothese prompts. At last, click “Apply” button in the main interface to apply all changes to computer. After application, resizing Windows server partition is finished completely. Since Server 2003 built-in disk management toolcan not meet your demands, you can download a piece of server partition software. It will become the best choice for resizing Windows server partition. 



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