As File Security Draws Users’ Increasing Attention, Apple Made Progress In The File Deleting Function And Recycle Bin – The Deleted Mac Files Will Be Temporarily Stored In Recycle Bin

Professional Mac file recovery software – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

As a piece of professional Mac file recovery software, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery not only completely supports common HFS+ file system, but also has other functions such as perfectly performs Mac deleted file recovery in HFS+ partition and performs Mac deleted file recovery for FAT 32 partition. Through brief introduction for the function and operability of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery (demo of performing Mac deleted file recovery in FAT 32 partition) is showed below.

If you don’t install the powerful Mac file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery on your computer, please visit to download and install this Mac file recovery software. Then run this Mac file recovery software to see the interface below.

Here are four separate function modules provided by the Mac file recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. To undelete Mac file in FAT 32 partition, please enter “Undelete Recovery” function module.

Choose FAT 32 partition which needs Mac deleted file recovery, and then click “Recover” function to scan deleted file in partition.

Here, choose desired file and then click “Save Files” to store it. After that, the Mac deleted file recovery operations for Mac FAT 32 partition are completed.

If you unfortunately encounter important Mac data loss, in order to avoid influence and losses in work and life, perform Mac deleted file recovery according to the practical situation now!

Perform Mac deleted file recovery from recycle bin
As file security draws users’ increasing attention, Apple made progress in the file deleting function and recycle bin – the deleted Mac files will be temporarily stored in recycle bin. Therefore, as long as users don’t empty the recycle bin, users can perform Mac deleted file recovery to easily gain complete recovered important file.

1. Click and enter recycle bin on the Mac operating interface.
2. Choose the desired deleted file in recycle bin and right click.
3. On the pop-up shortcut menu, choose “Put Back” function option.

Through simple operations above, you can easily perform Mac deleted file recovery. However, if recycle bin is emptied, Mac can’t undelete Mac file via recycle bin, but professional Mac file recovery software is able to fast and completely undelete Mac file.


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