It Has Been Mentioned Above That This Free CD Recovery Software Is Able To Recover Lost Data In Different Situations

Powerful CD recovery software, recovering data from damaged CD

Users may want to recover data from damaged CD in this situation, but the operation is not easy to realize. First of all, users are supposed to find out what causes the problem. And according to practical situations, suitable solutions should be adopted. If it is physical damage that results in the problem, for example, corrosion and scratch, users have to resort to professional data recovery companies. But if the problem is engendered by soft faults such as mistaken deleting or viruses, it is easy to deal with. What users are in need of is powerful CD data recovery software.
Although little, powerful CD data recovery software does exist. Users can visit to download it. The recommended free data recovery software is able to recover lost data in many different situations, including recovering data from damaged CD. After installing it to the computer, please launch it. Its starting interface will be shown, as follows.


Users can see five data recovery modules and “CD/DVD Recovery” is able to recover data from damaged CD. After putting the damaged CD into computer driver, click the module. The following interface will be shown.


In this interface, select the damaged CD and click “Full Scan” to scan it. Then all data in the CD will be shown. Users just need to check the ones that will be recovered and click “Save Files” to store them. This method is also suitable for DVD data recovery.

It has been mentioned above that this free CD recovery software is able to recover lost data in different situations. “Undelete Recovery” helps users recover deleted data quickly; “Damaged partition Recovery” can recover data from formatted partition; “Lost Partition Recovery” is capable of data recovery from deleted partition; “Digital Media Recovery” is able to carry out photo recovery, audio recovery and video recovery. It is the best assistant for users to carry out data recovery on Windows operating systems.


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