As Mac Operating Systems Are Different From Windows Operating Systems And Most Data Recovery Software Is Designed For Windows And Not Compatible With Mac

Data losses have been the most annoying problem for all computer users. However,for Mac users, data losses ate very troublesome. As Mac operating systems are different from Windows operating systems and most data recovery software is designed for Windows and not compatible with Mac, Mac users who can not find professional Mac data recovery software have to dismantle Mac disk and connect it to PC to recover lost data. Maybe many users have the doubt whether there is a software company developing professional Mac data recovery. The answer is yes. In order to help Mac users recover lost data, the famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. has released the professional Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery after painstaking research on the storage principle of Mac operating systems.

Comprehensive Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is comprehensive Mac data recovery software. The above picture is its main interface. From the picture, we can see this Mac data recovery software consists of four function modules including “Undelete Recovery“, “Damaged Partition Recovery“, “Lost Partition Recovery” and “Digital Media Recovery” which are able to help Mac users solve all data loss problems caused by soft faults. Wanting further understanding of this Mac data recovery software, we can visit its official website where we can know not only its recovery functions, but also other related information. Then we’ll demonstrate one of its function modules “Damaged Partition Recovery” to make Mac users realize the mightiness of this Mac data recovery software more intuitively.

Recover lost data with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Download it from the official website and install it to Mac. Then we can start to recover lost data. After launching this Mac data recovery software, we can see its main window. Click the function module “Damaged Partition Recovery” and the following picture will be shown.

In this window, select the partition where data are lost. Then there are two kinds of operations. One is to click “Open” to view partition data directly and the other is to click “Full Scan” to scan the partition. Here, we’ll select “Full Scan“. After the software finishes scanning the selected partition, the following picture is shown.

In this interface, we can see the scanning result. Select the partition which is most similar to the partition where the lost data are and click “Show Files“. Then the Mac data recovery software will display all data in the selected partition.

In this interface, check the data that will be recovered and click “Save Files” to save files.

When setting save path, we should not store the recovered files in the original partition, preventing data information from being overwritten and influences on recovery effect. After that, click “OK” and then we will recover lost data successfully.

From the demonstration, we can know MiniTool Mac Data Recovery has pretty simple operations and powerful data recovery functions, so it is excellent Mac data recovery software.


When Experiencing Advantages Of Mac Operating Systems, Users Are Troubled By Some Problems At The Same Time, Like Mac File Loss

Mac operating system becomes better and better,Seeing from the original Mac OS to Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Just because of this reason, there are more and more Mac users. Compared with old version Mac operating systems, new versions have the following 4 advantages:
Quick start panel: working mode of quick-start panel is the same as iPad, and it can display all apps and manage these apps through App Store.
Mac App Store: the mergence of Mac App Store makes it unnecessary to manage apps. After users purchase an app from the store, Mac will install it to quick-start panel quickly. In addition, the vast majority of apps in Mac App Store have high security, so users can use them reliably.
Full-screen mode: full-screen mode is the most important function in new version Mac operating systems. All application programs can run in full-screen mode, which will simplify operations and reduce troubles resulting from running multiple interfaces.
Task Control: task control integrates Dock and control panel, and users can free check apps between full screen and interface.
While, when experiencing advantages of Mac operating systems, users are troubled by some problems at the same time, like Mac file loss. Reasons for Mac file loss are various, but the main reason is mistaken operation rather than virus attack. Mistaken operations contain deleting files mistakenly, formatting partition accidentally, deleting partition by accident, and so on. As we know, file recovery for Mac is unquestionably the best remedial measure after important Mac files are lost. If we have made backup in advance, Mac file recovery will be quite simple. However, if there is no backup, how can we recover files on Mac? To accomplish file recovery for Mac, we had better use professional Mac file recovery software. Of course, Mac file recovery software we download should own these features: powerful functions, extremely high security, good operability, and wide compatibility. Our Mac file recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery not only has these features but provides considerate after-sale service. Next, let’s see how this Mac file recovery software helps recover files on Mac quickly and safely.
At first, users need to visit the official website to download this Mac file recovery software to computer, and then install it to a partition where file recovery for Mac will not be performed. Then, run it to open the main interface:

To recover files on Mac, users need to analyze reasons for Mac file loss, and then select the most suitable file recovery module. When moving mouse cursor to a certain module, detailed functional introduction will appear at the bottom of the main interface. After clicking desired module, we can see its operating interface where detailed prompts are shown. Therefore, users can accomplish file recovery for Mac very easily.
If users want to get detailed operating steps or want to download the Mac file recovery software, please visit theofficial website.

It Is Easy To Replace Disk, But The Problem How To Transfer Data To New Hard Disk Troubles Lots Of Users

It is easy to replace disk, but the problem how to transfer data to new hard disk troubles lots of users. Transferring data will cost users plenty of time and data loss may emerge because of accidents. In order to transfer data quickly and safely, many users choose to make disk image. To complete disk image, users need to download a piece of professional drive copy software. Nevertheless, most drive copy software on the current software market has defects. If users make disk image by using drive copy software which has defects, they may fail to accomplish desired operation. More seriously, data loss appears. To help users download excellent drive copy software, we recommend using MiniTool Drive Copy to make disk image.

Make disk image by using MiniTool Drive Copy
If we want to use this professional drive copy software, we should visit the official website to download it to computer. After installation, run it to get the following interface:

This is the main interface of the professional drive copy software. Here, we should choose “Disk to Disk” module to make disk image. Then, we need to select the disk which needs copying and choose the disk which will be used to store content of source disk. After that, the following interface will appear:

From this interface, we can see the professional drive copy software provides users with 3 options to make disk image:
1. Copy partitions on source disk to new hard disk by proportion and without unallocated space left.
2. Make disk image according to original partition size.
3. Make disk image after minimizing partition size.
As long as users select the most suitable mode and click “Next>” button to perform operations, disk image can be realized quickly and safely. Now, hurry to download this drive copy software.

At Present, There Is Much Free Drive Copy Software In The Software Market, But Little Is Able To Guarantee Data Security

At present, there is much free drive copy software in the software market, but little is able to guarantee data security. For the sake of data security and convenience, the free drive copy software MiniTool Drive Copy is recommended.

How to free copy partition? 
Please visit the official website to download MiniTool Drive Copy and install it. Then launch the free drive copy software and we’ll see its main interface.

Click “Partition to Partition” to copy partition. The following interface will be shown.

Select the partition that will be copied and click “Next” button to go on.

Select the unallocated space to store the partition backup and click “Next” button. Note: the size of the unallocated must be larger than data amount of the original partition.

Resize partition and then click “Finish” button. After all operations are finished, copying partition will succeed.

Reasons of Why MiniTool Drive Copy recommended?
Firstly, the free drive copy software is able to guarantee data security and there will be detailed prompts in every step. Secondly, its operations are simple, saving users’ time and energy. Thirdly, it is able to free copy partition on mainstream Windows operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012. Lastly, in the process of copying partition, the free drive copy software allows users to resize partition.

Microsoft Comes Up With The Conception Of GPT Disk To Facilitate Using Disks With Large Capacity And Creating Enough Partitions

Microsoft comes up with the conception of GPT disk to facilitate using disks with large capacity and creating enough partitions , in order to satisfy Windows 8 users.However, after converting ordinary disk to GPT disk, regardless of the convenience it has brought, users will find it is a troublesome thing for Windows 8 users to copy GPT disk. That is because most drive copy software can not support operations on GPT disk, and those which supports GPT disk are so complicated to handle. For example, though Ghost can help users accomplish the task of copying GPT disk, operations are so intricate. If users are not careful enough, GPT disk damage resulting from false operations may emerge, bringing much trouble or even serious economic losses to daily life and work. Hence, to accomplish Windows 8 GPT disk copy safely, more and more users want to find a new piece of software. And now it can be done, for with the development of software technology, MiniTool Solution Ltd., a Canadian celebrated software development company, has developed professional drive copy software which can support GPT disk copy perfectly – MiniTool Drive Copy, and users can copy Windows 8 GPT disk easily.

Utilize MiniTool Drive Copy to copy Windows 8 GPT disk
To use MiniTool Drive Copy to copy Windows 8 GPT disk, users need to download and install it to computer from and run it. Then, the following interface appears:

The interface above is the main interface of MiniTool Drive Copy, where we can see this software is composed of two different function modules, and their functions are different. If users want to copy Windows 8 GPT disk, they should select “Disk to Disk”. Next, select local disk and the target one, and then select one suitable copy mode. Finally, when all operations are performed, the whole job with the professional drive copy software MiniTool Drive Copy to copy Windows 8 GPT disk is all done.

During The Course Of Using Windows 8, Windows 8 Users Always Need To Copy Windows 8 GPT Partition.

Unfortunately, to make it convenient to manage disk, many Windows 8 users convert ordinary disks in Windows 8 to GPT disks. As a result, most drive copy software can not help realize Windows 8 GPT partition copy. In addition, those which can support GPT partition copy are not perfect in functions, and they can not always realize GPT partition copy well. More seriously, it may bring damage to GPT partitions, resulting in data loss. Therefore, to avoid such problems, many Windows 8 users have to take the way of copying data stored in ; to GPT partition to realize Windows 8 GPT partition copy. Fortunately, with the development of software technology, there emerges a piece of professional drive copy software – MiniTool Drive Copy on the market, and users just need to choose the needed function accordingly to accomplish Windows 8 GPT partition copy easily.

How To Utilize MiniTool Drive Copy to copy Windows 8 GPT partition?
To copy Windows 8 GPT partition with MiniTool Drive Copy, users need to download and install it from After that, run it and users will see the main interface of the software. Then, they will find that the software is composed of two different function modules. If users want to copy Windows 8 GPT partition, they just need to select “Partition to Partition” module. After that, the interface below appears.

In this interface, users need to select the local partition needing to be copied, and then click “Next >” and select a place to save copy. When all operations are performed, the job of coping Windows 8 GPT partition is done.

After reading this, users may have known the operation. Therefore, if users encounter such a kind of problems, hurry to download this drive copy software.

During The Course Of Using Windows, It Is Believed That Numerous Users Have Stored Many Images Taken With Digital Camera And Mobile Phones To Computers

During the course of using Windows, it is believed that numerous users have stored many images taken with digital camera and mobile phones to computers. Though storing images to computer brings users much convenience, for instance users can get much free space to take new images, it still brings troubles especially image loss problems. Among all such situations, mistaken deletion is the biggest factor for image loss. Reading this, numerous users may not pay much attention, deeming that mistakenly deleting photo is not that troublesome, because they can realizedeleted image recovery with ease by using excellent photo recovery software. It is true that users can recover image lost due to mistaken deletion with the help of excellent photo recovery software.

However, when users are utilizing photo recovery software to recover image lost due to mistaken deletion, they need to scan all deleted data, find the desired images among all useless data, and carry out deleted image recovery. Operations are quite complex. To avoid spending too much time in hunting for needed images, we highly recommend visiting to download professional photo recovery software with quick image recoveryfunction so as to realize deleted image recovery.

How to recover image lost due to mistaken deletion with professional photo recovery software rapidly?
If users want to accomplish deleted image recovery with professional photo recovery software, they need to freedownload and install it to computer. After that, launch it to enter the following interface.

The interface above is the main interface of the professional photo recovery software. After entering the interface, users need to choose the functional module used to recover image lost due to mistaken deletion. After clicking it, users will see all partitions. At this time, choose the partition where lost photo is to scan. When the operation is done, users will find that there are a few data, digital data only. At this time, check all needed photos, and then save them to a safe location. After that, users are successful to complete deleted image recovery