During The Course Of Using Windows 8, Windows 8 Users Always Need To Copy Windows 8 GPT Partition.

Unfortunately, to make it convenient to manage disk, many Windows 8 users convert ordinary disks in Windows 8 to GPT disks. As a result, most drive copy software can not help realize Windows 8 GPT partition copy. In addition, those which can support GPT partition copy are not perfect in functions, and they can not always realize GPT partition copy well. More seriously, it may bring damage to GPT partitions, resulting in data loss. Therefore, to avoid such problems, many Windows 8 users have to take the way of copying data stored in ; to GPT partition to realize Windows 8 GPT partition copy. Fortunately, with the development of software technology, there emerges a piece of professional drive copy software – MiniTool Drive Copy on the market, and users just need to choose the needed function accordingly to accomplish Windows 8 GPT partition copy easily.

How To Utilize MiniTool Drive Copy to copy Windows 8 GPT partition?
To copy Windows 8 GPT partition with MiniTool Drive Copy, users need to download and install it from http://www.minitool-drivecopy.com. After that, run it and users will see the main interface of the software. Then, they will find that the software is composed of two different function modules. If users want to copy Windows 8 GPT partition, they just need to select “Partition to Partition” module. After that, the interface below appears.

In this interface, users need to select the local partition needing to be copied, and then click “Next >” and select a place to save copy. When all operations are performed, the job of coping Windows 8 GPT partition is done.

After reading this, users may have known the operation. Therefore, if users encounter such a kind of problems, hurry to download this drive copy software.


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