It Is Easy To Replace Disk, But The Problem How To Transfer Data To New Hard Disk Troubles Lots Of Users

It is easy to replace disk, but the problem how to transfer data to new hard disk troubles lots of users. Transferring data will cost users plenty of time and data loss may emerge because of accidents. In order to transfer data quickly and safely, many users choose to make disk image. To complete disk image, users need to download a piece of professional drive copy software. Nevertheless, most drive copy software on the current software market has defects. If users make disk image by using drive copy software which has defects, they may fail to accomplish desired operation. More seriously, data loss appears. To help users download excellent drive copy software, we recommend using MiniTool Drive Copy to make disk image.

Make disk image by using MiniTool Drive Copy
If we want to use this professional drive copy software, we should visit the official website to download it to computer. After installation, run it to get the following interface:

This is the main interface of the professional drive copy software. Here, we should choose “Disk to Disk” module to make disk image. Then, we need to select the disk which needs copying and choose the disk which will be used to store content of source disk. After that, the following interface will appear:

From this interface, we can see the professional drive copy software provides users with 3 options to make disk image:
1. Copy partitions on source disk to new hard disk by proportion and without unallocated space left.
2. Make disk image according to original partition size.
3. Make disk image after minimizing partition size.
As long as users select the most suitable mode and click “Next>” button to perform operations, disk image can be realized quickly and safely. Now, hurry to download this drive copy software.


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