Microsoft Comes Up With The Conception Of GPT Disk To Facilitate Using Disks With Large Capacity And Creating Enough Partitions

Microsoft comes up with the conception of GPT disk to facilitate using disks with large capacity and creating enough partitions , in order to satisfy Windows 8 users.However, after converting ordinary disk to GPT disk, regardless of the convenience it has brought, users will find it is a troublesome thing for Windows 8 users to copy GPT disk. That is because most drive copy software can not support operations on GPT disk, and those which supports GPT disk are so complicated to handle. For example, though Ghost can help users accomplish the task of copying GPT disk, operations are so intricate. If users are not careful enough, GPT disk damage resulting from false operations may emerge, bringing much trouble or even serious economic losses to daily life and work. Hence, to accomplish Windows 8 GPT disk copy safely, more and more users want to find a new piece of software. And now it can be done, for with the development of software technology, MiniTool Solution Ltd., a Canadian celebrated software development company, has developed professional drive copy software which can support GPT disk copy perfectly – MiniTool Drive Copy, and users can copy Windows 8 GPT disk easily.

Utilize MiniTool Drive Copy to copy Windows 8 GPT disk
To use MiniTool Drive Copy to copy Windows 8 GPT disk, users need to download and install it to computer from and run it. Then, the following interface appears:

The interface above is the main interface of MiniTool Drive Copy, where we can see this software is composed of two different function modules, and their functions are different. If users want to copy Windows 8 GPT disk, they should select “Disk to Disk”. Next, select local disk and the target one, and then select one suitable copy mode. Finally, when all operations are performed, the whole job with the professional drive copy software MiniTool Drive Copy to copy Windows 8 GPT disk is all done.


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