MiniSD Is Developed On The Basis Of Flash Memory Card And A Kind Of Memory Card More Suited To Small Mobile Digital Equipment

It is said that MiniSD is developed on the basis of Flash Memory Card and a kind of memory card more suited to small mobile digital equipment. It is a new generation memory device based on semiconductor and widely used in portable equipment. Although MiniSD card has some difference from the original SD card in size and interface shape, the interfaces adopt the same protocol standard, so it is compatible with the slot of SD. As the cost of digital camera keeps decreasing, digital cameras are quickly accepted by users and widely used in our lives and entertainment. Most digital cameras adopt MiniSD card as storage medium and its size is only 37% of SD card, but has the sameread-write functions and large capacity as SD card. And it is completely compatible with SD card slot and can be used as common SD card through SD riser card, so MiniSD card has become the standard storage medium of digital cameras of most brands.  But most of the data recovery software does not support photo recovery from MiniSD card. If we resort to data recovery professionals to recover lost photo from MiniSD card, the high fees are hard to afford for many users. In order to solve users’ problem of recovering photos from MiniSD card, MiniTool Solution Ltd., after researching on MiniSD card storage mechanism and in virtue of many years of data recovery experience, finally added MiniSD card photo recovery function to the free photo recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If we own the software, MiniSD card photo loss will not be difficult any more.

Introduction to functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
According to different photo loss situations, MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides several photo recovery modules. We can employ the corresponding photo recovery methods in the light of different factors. And almost all photo loss problems can be resolved easily.
Five function modules are provided.
1. Undelete Recoveryif photos are deleted by accident, we can use this module to undelete them directly.
2. Damaged Partition Recovery: if photos are lost due to partition being damaged, this module is able to recover lost photos from damaged partition easily.
3. Lost Partition Recovery: if partition is lost, we can use this module to recover photos from the lost partition.
4. Digital Media Recoverythis module is only able to recover lost digital media files. If users think too many files will bring difficulty in searching for photos, this module is the best solution.
5. CD/DVD recovery: this module is mainly used to recover lost data from CD/DVD.

We can see all photo recovery modules from the main interface. We can employ the suitable module in the light of the specific reasons for photo loss, recovering lost photos easily.

Brief introduction to MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Solution Ltd., a software development company built in Canada, mainly devotes itself to providing complete data recovery and disk management solutions for individual and enterprises users. The company’s service institutions are all over the world, trying their best to provide users with satisfying help and consultant service. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is just the company’s excellent photo recovery software, able to resolve almost all photo loss problems. Besides, the free photo recovery software runs perfectly in Windows operating systems including Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 2008 and so on. It can also recover lost photos from diverse storage devices. Besides photo recovery from MiniSD card, it supports photo recovery from hard drive, USB flash drive, memory stick, SD card, Compact Flash, Memory Stick and all other common storage devices. If you are still being upset about photo loss, please visit to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and this free photo recovery software won’t disappoint you.


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