It Not Only Can Easily Accomplish Deleted Data Recovery Which Can Be Realized By Other Data Recovery Software

A brief introduction to MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a piece of professional Mac data recovery software with comprehensive functions. It not only can easily accomplish deleted data recovery which can be realized by other data recovery software, but also can easily recover lost Mac data caused by partition formatting, partition loss, logical partition damage, and other factors. The most important thing is that it is a piece of free Mac data recovery software and can help us accomplish free Mac data recovery. We can visit its official website to acquire more information.

How to free recover lost Mac data by using MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
If we want to recover lost Mac data with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, we should visit its official websiteto download it for free first. Then, install and run this free Mac data recovery software to enter its simple and utility main interface (like the following interface shows). From the main interface, we can see 4 functional modules, and each of them is designed for corresponding data loss situation Mac users may encounter. For example, “Undelete Recovery” is specially for recovering deleted Mac data; “Damaged Partition Recovery” helps users recover lost Mac data due to logical partition damage or mistaken partition formatting; “Lost Partition Recovery” works when data loss is caused by Mac partition loss; “Digital Media Recovery” aims at helping Mac users recover digital media files. When we meet data loss, we should choose corresponding data recovery functional module according to our practical situations, which can simplify operations. Next, let’s recover Mac data from the partition where logical damage happens, so all of you can get to know this Mac data recovery software intuitively.
The following picture is the main interface of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Please select the suitable functional module according to your practical situation. Here, we are going to recover lost Mac data from damaged partition, so we select “Damaged Partition Recovery“:

After entering the interface of “Damaged Partition Recovery“, please select the damaged partition and click “Open” to open this partition, like the following interface shows:

After opening the damaged partition, we will see all data in the selected partition. At this time, please select the data which needs to be recovered, and then click “Save Files” button to save these data in a safe place. Now, we can say we are successful to recover lost Mac data by using the free Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

If you also want to free recover lost Mac data, especially important Mac data, hurry to visit the official website of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to download this free Mac data recovery software.


To Ensure Data Security, Users Often Employ Different Kinds Of Measures Like Install Anti-Virus Software, Open Windows Firewall, And Encrypt Important Data.

Free recover lost emails by using professional email recovery freeware

Q: the partition storing important emails is deleted by mistake when I manage partition. Well, how can I complete free email recovery?
A: since you want to perform free email recovery, you should resort to professionalemail recovery freeware rather than data recovery companies, because these companies often charge high data recovery fees. Nevertheless, not any email recovery freeware can be chosen, because most has defects. And excellent email recovery freeware can be downloaded from professional downloading website like If users recover lost emails by using this kind of email recovery freeware, there is no need to worry about operation and data security, because both detailed prompts and data protecting measures are provided. Next, let’s use professional email recovery freeware to perform free email recovery.
Before free email recovery, we need to make email recovery freeware downloading and installation. Note: email recovery freeware can not be downloaded and installed to the partition where email loss emerges. Then, launch the software to open the main interface, like this screenshot shows:


From this interface, we can see 5 data recovery modules. Different modules are designed for different data loss situations. To recover lost emails from deleted partition, we need to select the functional module “Lost Partition Recovery”. Then, select the disk where partition loss appears and click “Recover” button to get the next interface. Next, select the partition which is most similar with deleted partition and click “Show Files” button to enter the next interface. At last, check emails which need recovering and click “Save Files” button to save recovered emails to a safe place. After that, free email recovery is finished completely.

To Better Complete Function Defects, Windows Server 2008 Users Will Replace This Tool With Professional Server 2008 Partition Magic Manager

To better complete function defects, Windows Server 2008 users will replace this tool withprofessional Server 2008 partition magic manager. As lots of partition magic manager software with serious function defects exists on current software market, once you adopt such kind of software, you may encounter partition management failure, and even partition damage and data loss. If you want to choose excellent partition magic manager software, you’d better pay attention to these aspects.

1. Simple operations. As most computer users know little about Server 2008 partition management, Server 2008 partition magic manager with simple operations will guide you to better manage partition.
2. Complete functions. You need to perform different operations to solve different partition management problems in daily Server 2008 use, so all-in-one Server 2008 partition magic manager will be perfect choice.
3. Good compatibility. Lots of partition magic software doesn’t work under Windows Server 2008, so the software you choose should be compatible Windows Server 2008.

In fact, the Server 2008 partition magic manager does well in these three aspects is recommended on You can free download this Server 2008 partition magic manager to perform needed Server 2008 partition magic management operations.

How to complete Server 2008 partition magic management with Server 2008 partition magic manager 
If you don’t know how to complete Server 2008 partition magic management with professional Server 2008 partition magic manager, you can lean the brief introduction below first.

From the main interface of this professional Server 2008 partition magic manager, you can find its functions are quite complete. Therefore, if you want to complete Server 2008 partition magic management, you just need to choose the partition to operate and use the corresponding function module by following the detailed prompt. After complete all operations, you also thoroughly complete the wanted Server 2008 partition magic management.

No Matter Where Pictures Are Deleted, Hard Drives, SD Cards Or USB Flash Drives, Most Users Will Firstly Think Of How To Recover Deleted Pictures

No matter where pictures are deleted, hard drives, SD cards or USB flash drives, most users will firstly think of how to recover deleted pictures. Then is there any solution? As to this problem, different users may have different answers. Some users may turn to professional data recovery companies which will use precise instrument to recover lost pictures, which will cost much time and money in spite of successful picture recovery. Actually as to the issue that pictures are deleted by accident, there is no need to resort to professionals because some free photo recovery software is able to recover deleted pictures easily. For example, the program downloaded from is so excellent that it is able to solve almost all photo loss problems caused by soft faults. For example, it can recover pictures from formatted partition and deleted partition. And recovering deleted pictures is a little case.

The above is the starting interface of the Windows photo recovery software which is equipped with five independent photo recovery modules. To recover deleted pictures, we can use “Undelete Recovery” module and “Digital Media Recovery“. Here, we are going to demonstrate how to recover deleted pictures by using “Digital Media Recovery” module.

Recovering deleted photos 
Click “Digital Media Recovery” module and all computer partitions are shown, as follows.

Select the one where the deleted pictures were and click “Full Scan“. All lost pictures will be shown, as follows.

Find and check the pictures we are going to recover and click “Save Files” to store them to a safe location instead of the original partition.

Though so simple operations, we have achieved recovering deleted pictures. Besides, we can also recover lost file in other situations.
Undelete Recovery” module allows us to recover deleted pictures and other kinds of files quickly; “Damaged Partition Recovery” is able to recover pictures from formatted partition and logically damaged partition; “Lost Partition Recovery” can recover pictures from lost partition or deleted partition; “CD/DVD Recovery” can help us recover data from CD and DVD.

However, this photo recovery software is only for Windows operating systems. If you want to recover deleted pictures on Mac, professional Mac photo recovery software should be used. And you can alsodownload it from this website. It is of comprehensive functions as well which empower you to recover lost pictures on Mac in different situations. For more information, please visit the home page.

Lots Of Situations May Cause Files Loss Problems, And Files Loss Caused By Accidental Formatting Is One Of The Most Serious Problems

Use the Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to perform files recovery for accidentally formatted partition
Lots of situations may cause files loss problems, and files loss caused by accidental formatting is one of the most serious problems. Therefore, once accidental formatting occurs, all users will be bothered and want to perform lost files recovery as soon as possible. Here, demo of fast performing lost files recovery for accidental formatted files is displayed.

To perform lost partition recovery for files lost due to accidental partition formatting, you need free download and install this Mac data recovery software via the official website After that, start this Mac data recovery software to see the interface below.

Choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” function module on the main interface of this Mac data recovery software.

Here, all computer partitions are listed. Choose the accidentally formatted partition, and then click “Full Scan“. After the Mac data recovery software performs full scan, next interface appears.

On this interface, choose the partition which is in the most similar state with the formatted partition, and then click “Show Files“. Wait until the Mac data recovery software finishes scanning and enter next step.

Check the files to recover on the Damaged Partition Recovery interface above, and then click “Save Files” to keep recovered file in safe location according to the prompt. You thoroughly finish the operations of recovering accidentally formatted data with the Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

With The Continuous Development Of Software Technology, A Batch Of Partition Magic Server Specially Developed For Server Operating System Has Emerged

With the continuous development of software technology, a batch of partition magic server specially developed for server operating system has emerged. As long as we own such as a kind of partition magic server for Windows 2003, we can accomplish Server 2003 partition management quite easily and magically. However, we should be cautious when selecting partition magic server, and we had better select the one developed by a professional software development company so as to avoid downloading partition magic server with functional defects. I believe many Windows Server 2003 users have resorted to professional disk managers. When seeing that professionals accomplish server partition management much easily and magically, do you admire them and want to accomplish server partition management magically, too? Now, we do not need to admire professionals, because we can become a partition magic server to bewitch server 2003 partition as long as we own a partition magic server for Windows 2003. At this time, some users may think all partition magic is developed for personal computer, so they can not be installed under Windows 2003. Actually, these users are wrong.If we use inferior partition magic server, we will fail to accomplish server partition management, and a large number of important data will be lost. Considering this factor, I recommend the professional partition magic server MiniTool Partition Wizard which is developed by the famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd..

Shrink Raid 5 volume under Windows Server 2003 by using MiniTool Partition Wizard
MiniTool Partition Wizard is a mighty partition magic server, and it not only can solve almost all problems of partition management, but can solve problems of dynamic disk management as well. In order to make users know this partition magic server more intuitively, now, let me demonstrate how to shrink Raid 5 volume by using it.

To shrink Raid 5 volume by using this partition magic for Windows 2003, we need to own it first. There are two ways to get this partition magic server: the first one is to download it from its official website. The second one is to visit to download it. Then, install it on Windows Server 2003. Next, run it to get its main interface:

In the main interface, select the Raid 5 volume which needs shrinking, and then click “Move/Resize” button to enter the next interface:

Then, shrink Raid 5 volume by dragging triangles on both sides of the volume handle to shorten volume handle (here, it is worth noting that we should keep the option “Using Enhanced Data Protecting Mode” checked if we do not have special requirement). Next, click “OK” to go on operating.

After entering the above main interface, we will find it has changed obviously. At this time, please check whether the adjusted Raid 5 volume is desired. If it is the desired volume, please click “Apply” button to apply operation. After that, we are successful to shrink Raid 5 volume.

Through this demonstration, you must have got a basic understanding of this partition magic server. If you are troubled by problems of Windows Server 2003 partition management, hurry to download this partition magic server. Then, you can become a partition magic server.

Increasing Partitions Is Considered The Fastest And Easiest Way To Solve Windows 2003 Server Low Disk Space Problem, And Many Server Administrators Know That The Best Tool Is Partition Magic

Increasing partitions is considered the fastest and easiest way to solve Windows 2003 server low disk space problem, and many server administrators know that the best tool is Partition Magic.Nowadays, hard drives possess more and more space to contain a large amount of data. However, you still can not avoid the situation that temporary files, application installs and browser always eat up the free space and cluster your system very soon.
Once Windows 2003 server pops up Low Disk Space alert, it means insufficient free space in system partition. To avoid system crash, you’d better fix the problem right now, or you have to start up and keep your Server under downtime for a long time.

Is Partition Magic available for Windows 2003 server?
The Server Edition of Partition MagicServer Magic, comes from PowerQuest. It works like Partition Magic, but it can only run under Server Edition of Windows NT and 2000. Users who need Server Magic may be disappointing that Server Magic has not been upgraded since it is acquired by Symantec. Therefore, Server Magic is impossible to increase partitionresize partition under any advanced operating systems, such as: Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008 server and so on.
Fortunately, users can choose Partition Magic alternatives for Windows 2003 Server, like MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition.

Partition Magic alternatives for Windows 2003 Server 
It wins when compared with Server Magic, because MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition supports more Operating Systems. Its compatibility enables it to work under Windows 2000 server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server and all kinds of Hardware RAID array, VHD, VMware virtual disk are also supported.
MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is considered one of the most outstanding Server Partition Magic representatives for Windows 2003 Serve. It is an outstanding server partition magic for Windows server 2000, Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008 and ordinary operating systems.
As long as you have MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition for Windows 2003 server, you can perform many operations, including: Increase Partition, Create Partition, Delete Partition, Format Partition, Copy Partition, Recover Partition, Repair Partition, Hide Partition, Active Partition, Convert Partition, Explorer Partition, Resize PartitionMerge PartitionsShrink Partition, Extend Partition and so on.

Main advantages of the MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition for Windows 2003 server
1. Enhanced Data Protection technology
Data safety is secured, because MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition owns the unique enhanced data protection technology and Copy Wizard, Partition Recovery Wizard. Many giants select this server partition magic to manage Servers.

2. Hot Increasing
With Hot Increasing, MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition for Windows 2003 Server helps you extend NTFS system partition without rebooting.

Attributing to fantastic features, Windows 2003 server users can use functions of this Server Partition Magic no matter whether you have used Partition Magic or not.

Partition Magic Tutorial helps increase Windows 2003 Server partition 
Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition to see all disks and partitions on Server.

Right click the data partition and choose “Move/Resize” on the pop-up window, and then shrink it by dragging the left border of the partition handle rightwards.

Some Unallocated space will appear behind the system partition.

Right click the system partition and select “Move/Resize” on the pop-up window. To hold unallocated space, users can drag the partition handle rightwards.

Click “Apply” to complete the process.

Then you will successfully increase partition for Windows 2003 server with server partition magic.
Download MiniTool Partition Wiard Server Edition for Windows 2003 server and check how easy it is to resize partition, merge partitions and extend partition.