In 2012, There Are 14 Data Leakage Situations Monthly On Average, And Every Data Loss Event Brings Users Great Economic Losses Or Even Serious Spiritual Losses

In 2012, there are 14 data leakage situations monthly on average, and every data loss event brings users great economic losses or even serious spiritual losses. In order to avoid data leakage effectively, let’s get to know main reasons for data leakage:
1. Measures to data encryption are not perfect.
2. Deal with old storage device storing important data improperly.
3. Hacker or other malicious programs’ attack.
4. Staffs leak important data intentionally or unwittingly.
After knowing main reasons for data leakage, we should take corresponding precautionary measures.
First, install powerful antivirus software and open firewall to prevent malicious attack.Secondly, enhance inner management and appoint specialized people to manage data.Then, encrypt important data and set strict access permission. At last, destroy old storage device storing important data completely or erase important data completely. Since old storage device can be reused, users can choose the second way to deal with old storage device. Nevertheless, simply deleting data and emptying recycle bin can not erase important data completely, because some data recovery software is able to recover data emptied from recycle bin. If users want to erase important data completely, they need to download a piece of free drive wipe software. Our drive wipe software not only can erase important data stored on partition or hard disk but supports data erasing on external storage devices such as U disk, mobile HDD, memory card, and memory stick. Furthermore, operations are so simple. Data erased by this drive wipe software can not be recovered any more. If users want to own the drive wipe software, please visit to free download it.
After owning the drive wipe software, let’s see how to erase important data completely.

Erase important data completely by using drive wipe software
Open the drive wipe software to get its main interface:

Select a suitable data wiping module. “Wipe Partition” is specially used to erase important data one partition, and “Wipe Disk” aims at erasing important data on one hard drive. Select the partition or hard drive which needs wiping and select a wiping method. Perform data erasing according to prompts.
When partition or hard drive is wiped, important data are erased completely. Operations are so simple, aren’t they?
If users want to replace small-capacity storage device, please erase important data completely by using thedrive wipe software. When important data are erased completely, old hard disk or storage device can be reused by any one.


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