The Emergence Of Professional Data Recovery Software Brings Hope To Lost Data, But It Also Brings Big Threat To Privacy.

Why make disk erase?and How to make disk erase? It is believed that many computer users know both deleting data and formatting partition can not erase data completely. The emergence of professional data recovery software brings hope to lost data, but it also brings big threat to privacy. If users delete private data or format partition to avoid privacy leakage, malicious people can use professional data recovery software to recover deleted or formatted data very easily. Nevertheless, users also do not need to worry about privacy leakage excessively since professional data recovery software is not omnipotent. As long as users make secure disk erase, even professional data recovery software can not accomplish data recovery.

How to accomplish quick and secure disk erase?
To erase disk to avoid privacy leakage, users are suggested using professional drive wipe software MiniTool Drive Wipe. This software consists of 2 relatively independent modules which can help erase disk and erase partition respectively. That is to say this drive wipe software can meet different demands for data erase. Therefore, it is a good choice for secure disk erase.

How to accomplish secure disk erase with MiniTool Drive Wipe?
Firstly, we need to download and install the drive wipe software to computer. Here is the official website Then, run it to enter the following interface:

Here, we can see 2 wiping modules clearly, namely “Wipe Partition” and “Wipe Disk“. The former is used to erase partition while the latter is specially designed to erase disk. And users can select the most suitable module to accomplish secure disk erase, thus avoiding privacy leakage to the largest extent.
Do you want to accomplish secure disk erase to prevent privacy leakage? If the answer is yes, you candownload the professional drive wipe software MiniTool Drive Wipe to erase disk completely.


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