These Technologies And Software Is aim At Ensuring Data Completeness And Data Confidentiality.

Information amount, Information spreading speed and Information processing speed and Information applying level also increase rapidly.  Therefore, information data security is also valued. Meanwhile, technologies and software for information data protecting emerge as required. For instance, anti-virus software which can search and kill viruses, prevent data from being stolen and damaged,data recovery software which can recover data lost for various software defects, drive wipe software which can thoroughly erase unwanted data and make them irrecoverable. These technologies and software is aim at ensuring data completeness and data confidentiality. As long as users use them suitably, you can reduce data loss and data leakage problems to largest extent. Speaking of ensuring data completeness, the simplest and most effective way is to carry out hard drive partition copy.

Hard drive partition copy
Hard drive partition copy is not simply copying and pasting data from one partition to another partition. Follow the operating demo below, and then you will know its real meaning.
1. Download a piece of professional drive copy software, such as MiniTool Drive Copy recommended on Then, install and open this software, as follows:

2. This is the main interface of this professional drive copy software. “Disk to Disk” functional module mainly carries out hard drive copy while “Partition to Partition” deals with hard drive partition copy. Choose the second functional module to enter the operating interface:

3. All partitions on hard drive are listed here. Users just need to choose the partition (take I: partition as example) to backup, and then click “Next >“.

4. According to the operating prompts, users need to choose partition to include data in I: partition. As this partition should be larger than I: partition, choose G: partition and click “Next >“.

5. As data in G: partition will be overwritten by data in I: partition, users should ensure no wanted data exist in G: partition before clicking “Yes“. After that, click “Yes” and complete operations by following the operating prompts.

Now, users know the reason why hard drive partition data copy is not copying and pasting. In daily data copy work, users should pay attention that when there are lots of data to copy, to avoid interruption caused by accidental data loss during backup process, users should not use “Copy + Paste”. “Cut + Paste” is also infeasible because operation failure will cause the original data to get lost. If users want to carry out hard drive partition copy, download this professional drive copy software now!


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