Users Can Backup Data By Multiple Methods And Tools, But If The Methods Or Tools They Use Are Improperly, Users May Encounter Backup Failure And Even Data Loss.

Users can backup data by multiple methods and tools, but if the methods or tools they use are improperly, users may encounter backup failure and even data loss.

Example 1: Considering the convenience, I carried out partition data backup for needed business data and transferred them to external hard drive. Since these data are very confidential, I didn’t plan to reserve original data, so I directly backed up data with “Cut + Paste” method. Unexpectedly, the power outage caused operation failure and original data loss. Finally, I had to resort to professional data recovery companies.

Example 2: Every time when I backup partition data, I directly copy needed folders and paste them in partition storing backup files. This time, I copied folders in the whole partition and paste them in partition storing backup files. Since the files are oversized, the whole process is very slow. What’s worse, computer crashes suddenly. After rebooting computer, I found partition backup failed. Therefore, I had to spending much time restarting partition data copy.
Analysis: The two data backup methods “Copy +Paste” and “Cut + Paste” are only ideal when the files to backup are not very large. As the situation mentioned in example 1, the file folder is relatively large. To avoid encountering operation failure and wasting time, users had better directly carry out partition backup. As for example 2, since the data is very confidential, users had better use the tool which can ensure operation security to backup data, reducing troubles.

How to fast and safely carry out partition backup?
How to fast and safely complete partition backup? Industry insiders recommended using professional partition backup program. Users can gain free professional partition backup program MiniTool Drive Copy via

This is the main interface of this partition backup program. According to the real partition backup requirements, developers design two functional modules “Disk to Disk” and “Partition to Partition” The first functional module can completely backup data of the whole hard drive to another hard drive, and then second functional module can completely backup data from resource to another partition. During the whole operating process, this partition backup program will automatically protect original data. What users need do is to avoid overwriting data in hard drive or partition which will include the backup data and carry out operations according to detailed operating prompts given in every step.

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