Users Know The Simple Structure Of SD Card Cause Data In It To Frequently Lose, So Sony Users Also Can’t Avoid Sony Photo Loss

Before 2004, Sony provided CCD sensor for digital camera enterprises such as Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm and OLYMPUS. After 2004, Sony started to produce its own digital camera. Because of the high-quality photo effect, Sony digital camera is always highly spoken by photography enthusiasts. Recently, Sony launched NEX-7, a piece of digital camera with 2430 million pixels. With 2400 million pixels APS-C frame CMOS sensor and 236 millionpixels OLED electronic viewfinder, Sony NEX-7’s light-sensitivity ranges from ISO100 to ISO 16000 while it supports recording 1080P AVCHD video. Its continue-shutter function reaches 10fps and has great progress in AF speed as well as has multiple kinds of photography modes. As the same as other digital cameras, Sony NEX-7 also uses SD card as main storage medium. Users know the simple structure of SD card cause data in it to frequently lose, so Sony users also can’t avoid Sony photo loss. However, users need not to be worried. As long as you choose a piece of suitable Sony photo recovery software on, you can easily perform Sony photo recovery.

Choose Sony photo recovery software 
For photography enthusiasts, Mac is the most excellent photo processing tool, so most users prefer using Mac to process the Sony photo. However, this situation makes Sony photo recovery more troublesome because users can hardly find a piece of excellent Sony photo recovery software which can perfectly run under Mac. Fortunately, the website provides users with some professional photo recovery software. Users can choose a piece of suitable Sony photo recovery software to perfectly perform Sony photo recovery under Mac.

This Sony photo recovery software is compatible with Mac operating system, facilitating easily performing Sony photo recovery. Most users choose this Sony photo recovery software because of these factors.

1. Support data recovery in multiple storage mediums. This Sony photo recovery software supports data recovery in common memory cards such as Smartmedia cardCompact Flash,Memory StickSecure Digital Memory Card andXD-Picture Card. Besides, it can perform data recovery in almost all common storage mediums such as hard drive, mobile hard drive, SSD, U disk and memory bar.
2. Support photo recovery in multiple kinds of file system. When facing different file systems in Sony storage card may, common photo recovery software is helpless. However, the Sony photo recovery software supports photo recovery in almost all file systems such as FAT 12/16/32,NTFS and HFS+ (the most common Mac file system). Therefore, when using this Sony photo recovery software to recover lost Sony photo, you will never be bothered by the differences between file systems

3. Support Mac operating system. This Sony photo recovery software can perfectly run under Mac, so users can perform Sony photo recovery with this photo recovery software under Mac.
4. Different photo recovery modules. This Sony photo recovery software has several different photo recovery modules. According to different needs, you can choose different photo recovery modules, speeding up the photo recovery operations and promoting photo recovery success rate.

If you are worrying about Sony photo loss, download this Sony photo recovery software now!


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