It Is Nnecessary To Manage Partitions On Windows Server 2008 With Professional Server Partition Software, For It Can Help Users Realize Many Kinds Of Common Partition Management Operations

It is quite necessary to manage partitions on Windows Server 2008 with professional server partition software, for it can help users realize many kinds of common partition management operations. For example, Server 2008 partition software is able to split a large partition into two smaller ones without damaging partition data, which will make partition allocation more reasonable and improve Server’s operating speed.

Why use server partition software to split partition? 
The built-in disk management tool of Windows Server 2008 is unable to split partition directly. Using it to split a partition of large space is dangerous and troublesome.   If the partition that will be split is FAT32, users have to delete the original partition and then create two new partitions, which is onerous and complicated.  If partition data are not transferred, deleting partition will make all data lost.  If the partition to be split is NTFS, users can use Shrink Volume function of disk management tool to shrink the original partition and then create a new partition. The process is also troublesome. If users want to split partition on Windows Server 2008 quickly and safely, professional server partition software is the best choice.

How to quickly split a partition on Windows Server 2008

Before splitting partition on Windows Server 2008, please visit to download the professional server partition software and install it. Then launch it and users will see the following interface.

The above is the main interface of the professional server partition software. Please select the partition that will be managed and many functions will appear in “Operations” area. According to practical situations, users can select suitable functions to perform operations. For example, if users want to split the partition, please click “Split Partition” function and the software will provide detailed prompts to instruct users to complete splitting the partition.

If users also want to do fine partition management to Windows Server 2008, please try this powerful server partition software. It will greatly facilitate partition management operations on Windows Server 2008.


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