Professional Server Partition Software Is A Kind Of Easy-to-use, Safe, Reliable And Multifunctional Partition Management Software

What is professional server partition software? 
Professional server partition software is a kind of easy-to-use, safe, reliable and multifunctional partition management software. Compared with the built-in disk management tool, its functions are more comprehensive, able to realize a variety of partition management tasks, for example, creating partitionformatting partitiondeleting partitionsetting partition active and moving partitionresizing partitionmerging partitionssplitting partitioncopying partitionchanging cluster size and converting FAT32 to NTFS without damaging partition data. Therefore, for the sake of data security, users are advised to use professional server partition software to resize partition on Server 2003.

Resizing partition is a common but pesky task among all partition management tasks on Windows Server 2003. There is no good solution provided to resize partition on Windows Server 2003, so users have to realize it by deleting partition and then creating new partition. But deleing partition will make all partition data lost, which is not desired. Actually, along with the appearance of partition magic, resizing partition on Server 2003 is not as troublesome as imagine. Users can resize partition on Server 2003 easily if professional server partition software is equipped.
   How to resize partition on Server 2003? 
Before resizing partition on Server 2003, please visit to do9wnload the professional server partition software and then install it to the computer. After closing all irrelevant programs, launch the server partition magic. Its main interface will be shown.

Selecting the partition that will be resized, all partition management functions will be shown in “Operations” column. There are three ways to realize resizing partition.
1. Click “Move/Resize” function on tool bar.
2. Click “Move/Resize Partition” function in “Operations” column.
3. Select the target partition and right click mouse. Then click “Move/Resize” function in the shortcut menu popping up.

According to operating habits, users can select the most suitable method and then resize partition on Windows Server 2003 by following software prompts.

Do you also want to resize partition on Windows Server 2003 with the powerful and reliable server partition software? Please download it and have a try.


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