However, Since They Are Not Familiar With Data Recovery From Formatted Partition And Resorting To Professional Data Recovery Companies Will Cost Much Money


How to recover data from formatted partition?

In the process of using Windows, users often encounter the problem that data are lost due to formatting partition; and most users hope to recover data from formatted partition. However, since they are not familiar with data recovery from formatted partition and resorting to professional data recovery companies will cost much money and bring data leak risks, they are looking for powerful formatted data recovery software which is able to recover data from formatted partition. And data recovery software of this kind has emerged on account of rapid software technology development. And users could visit to download the free formatted data recovery software and use it to recover data from formatted partition.Before recovering data from formatted partition, please install the free data recovery software and then launch it. Users will see the following interface.

The above is the main interface of the free data recovery software. Users can recover data from formatted partition through the following procedures.

1. Click “Damaged Partition Recovery” module.

2. Select the formatted partition and click “Full Scan” button to scan the formatted partition.

3. Select the partition of which the state is most similar to the original state before formatting and click “Show Files” button.

4. Data recovery interface will be shown. Check the data that will be recovered and click “Save Files” to save recovered data to a safe location. After the operation is finished, formatted data recovery is accomplished as well.

The above are detailed procedures about data recovery from formatted partition. If users want to get more information about the data recovery software, please visit its official website.


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