When Data Loss Problems Are Caused By HardwareDamage, The First Method Is The Only Solution

When data loss problems are caused by hardware damage, the first method is the only solution. But when data are lost because of soft faults like deleting, formatting or other non-physical factors, the first will cost much money and make users risk information leak threats, so the second method is preferable. And free Mac disk data recovery software can be downloaded from http://www.mac-data-recover.com/.

Recovering data from formatted partition on Mac
Please first of all download and install the professional Mac hard disk data recovery software to the computer. We can see its starting interface after launching it.

Four data recovery modules are provided to recover lost data in different situations. “Undelete Recovery” is to recover deleted data quickly; “Damaged Partition Recovery” can recover lost data from formatted partition and logically damaged partition; “Lost Partition Recovery” is able to recover data from deleted partition and lost partition; “Digital Media Recovery” is able to recover lost photos from various kinds of storage devices. Then we’ll show how to recover data from formatted partition by using “Damaged Partition Recovery” module.
Click the module and the following interface will be shown, as follows.

Select the formatted partition and click “Full Scan” to scan it. Then the following interface will be shown.

Select the partition of highest “Suggested” value and click “Show Files“. The following interface will be shown.

Many files are shown in this interface. Please find and check the ones that will be recovered and click “Save Files” to store them to a safe location, finishing recovering data from formatted partition.

We only have shown operations about “Damaged Partition Recovery“. Detailed operations about the other data recovery modules can be found on other pages on this website. Or if you want to download this professional Mac disk data recovery software, please visit the official website.Now Mac also has become the attacked target for hackers. Myriad Mac viruses have been released on the internet. For example, Flashback, which was widely spread last year, engendered a lot of data loss problems on Mac. In the face of these data loss problems, Mac disk data recovery is the only solution. And two methods are available.
1. Turning to professional data recovery companies: professionals, with the help of professional data recovery equipment, are able to recover lost data from Mac.
2. Using professional Mac disk data recovery software: professional Mac hard disk recovery software is able to recover lost data caused by soft faults.


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