Many Mac computers are still infected with viruses and many important photos are lost.

 Although Apple Inc. allows much anti-virus software developed by the third-party companies to be installed in Mac, for the sake of Mac safety, many Mac computers are still infected with viruses and many important photos are lost. Why? It is the anti-virus software that is to blame. Users may know that only through the following procedures can the anti-virus software defend against a new type of virus. 
1. Mac computer is attacked by virus and then sends the condition code of the new virus to the anti-virus software development company. 
2. After receiving the condition code of the virus, the anti-virus software development company writes the condition code into virus database and then uploads the new virus database to the internet for users’ downloading. 
3. Mac users download and update their own virus database and use the anti-virus software to get rid of the virus. 

Those above are necessary procedures for the anti-virus software to remove a new virus. Seen from this, it will take a long time from the emergence of the new virus to clearing it up. During this period, a lot of Mac computers may have been attacked and multitudinous photos may be lost. Facing photo loss in this situation, what should we do? However, Mac photo file recovery is not easy because most of the photo file recovery software in the software market has function defects, only recovering deleted photo files. So many Mac users complain that there is no multifunctional photo recovery software. But actually the situation has changed. With the keeping development of data recovery technology, the celebrated software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd., after many years of painstaking research, has released the professional Mac photo recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. 

Multifunctional MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is multifunctional Mac photo recovery software, which can be seen from its main interface (as the left picture shows). We can see it is composed of 4 different photo recovery modules. Besides recovering deleted photos, it can also help Mac users recover lost photos caused by soft faults including partition being formatted, partition being logically damaged, partition being lost and so on in various kinds of storage devices. More to the point, this Mac photo recovery software provides 1GB free photo recovery service. Please visit its official website to download it and then try free photo file recovery service.


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