Picture Loss Caused By Mistaken Operation Or Virus’s Deleting Is Most Commonly Seen.

If your important Mac pictures are deleted, please do not worry, for the new Mac photo recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can help you restore deleted pictures. Since professional Mac data recovery software is so limited, deleted pictures restoration becomes one of biggest troubles for most Mac users. As is well known, Mac computer is always proud of its excellent picture processing competence and extremely high security, which are also main reasons for multiple users to choose Mac, like large scale advertising corporations and entertainment companies. However, since users pay more and more attention to Mac computer, numerous kinds of security threats emerge on Mac. Then, Mac pictures loss happens frequently. And picture loss caused by mistaken operation or virus’s deleting is most commonly seen. 

Picture recovery features of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

If you have a basic understanding of Windows photo recovery software, you should know professional photo recovery software has easy operation, good reliability, and high security. The Mac photo recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery not only has the above features but has powerful functions and good compatibility. This Mac photo recovery software is capable of meeting multiple kinds of picture recovery demands as well as supports various types of storage devices and almost all commonly seen picture formats, such as mobile HDD, memory card, U disk, PSD, JPG, GIF, and PNG

How to restore deleted pictures from Mac?
We have mentioned that the Mac photo recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can help us restore lost pictures from Mac. Here, let me take deleted pictures recovery for example. 
Firstly, run this Mac photo recovery software to enter its main interface: 


If deleted pictures are stored on HFS+ partition, please select “Damaged Partition Recovery” module: 


Then, select the partition storing deleted pictures and click “Full Scan” button to scan the selected partition. The following screenshot shows the software is scanning partition. 


Since partition scan will cost us some time, please wait patiently. After the scan, the following interface will appear: 


In this interface, please select the partition whose partition state is most matched to that of desired lost partition, and then click “Show Files” button: 


Find and check the deleted pictures needing to be restored and click “Save Files” functional button to save these pictures to a safe place. Then, deleted pictures restoration is finished successfully. 
Note: if there are so many data in this interface, we can use the functions “Quick Filter“, “Find File“, and “Advanced Filter” to quickly find needed pictures at first, and then restore deleted pictures. 

If you still do not know how to restore deleted pictures from Mac, please hurry to visithttp://www.photo-recovery.biz to free download the professional Mac photo recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Owning it, deleted pictures restoration will become much easier.


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