Increasing Partitions Is Considered The Fastest And Easiest Way To Solve Windows 2003 Server Low Disk Space Problem, And Many Server Administrators Know That The Best Tool Is Partition Magic

Increasing partitions is considered the fastest and easiest way to solve Windows 2003 server low disk space problem, and many server administrators know that the best tool is Partition Magic.Nowadays, hard drives possess more and more space to contain a large amount of data. However, you still can not avoid the situation that temporary files, application installs and browser always eat up the free space and cluster your system very soon.
Once Windows 2003 server pops up Low Disk Space alert, it means insufficient free space in system partition. To avoid system crash, you’d better fix the problem right now, or you have to start up and keep your Server under downtime for a long time.

Is Partition Magic available for Windows 2003 server?
The Server Edition of Partition MagicServer Magic, comes from PowerQuest. It works like Partition Magic, but it can only run under Server Edition of Windows NT and 2000. Users who need Server Magic may be disappointing that Server Magic has not been upgraded since it is acquired by Symantec. Therefore, Server Magic is impossible to increase partitionresize partition under any advanced operating systems, such as: Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008 server and so on.
Fortunately, users can choose Partition Magic alternatives for Windows 2003 Server, like MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition.

Partition Magic alternatives for Windows 2003 Server 
It wins when compared with Server Magic, because MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition supports more Operating Systems. Its compatibility enables it to work under Windows 2000 server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server and all kinds of Hardware RAID array, VHD, VMware virtual disk are also supported.
MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is considered one of the most outstanding Server Partition Magic representatives for Windows 2003 Serve. It is an outstanding server partition magic for Windows server 2000, Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008 and ordinary operating systems.
As long as you have MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition for Windows 2003 server, you can perform many operations, including: Increase Partition, Create Partition, Delete Partition, Format Partition, Copy Partition, Recover Partition, Repair Partition, Hide Partition, Active Partition, Convert Partition, Explorer Partition, Resize PartitionMerge PartitionsShrink Partition, Extend Partition and so on.

Main advantages of the MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition for Windows 2003 server
1. Enhanced Data Protection technology
Data safety is secured, because MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition owns the unique enhanced data protection technology and Copy Wizard, Partition Recovery Wizard. Many giants select this server partition magic to manage Servers.

2. Hot Increasing
With Hot Increasing, MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition for Windows 2003 Server helps you extend NTFS system partition without rebooting.

Attributing to fantastic features, Windows 2003 server users can use functions of this Server Partition Magic no matter whether you have used Partition Magic or not.

Partition Magic Tutorial helps increase Windows 2003 Server partition 
Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition to see all disks and partitions on Server.

Right click the data partition and choose “Move/Resize” on the pop-up window, and then shrink it by dragging the left border of the partition handle rightwards.

Some Unallocated space will appear behind the system partition.

Right click the system partition and select “Move/Resize” on the pop-up window. To hold unallocated space, users can drag the partition handle rightwards.

Click “Apply” to complete the process.

Then you will successfully increase partition for Windows 2003 server with server partition magic.
Download MiniTool Partition Wiard Server Edition for Windows 2003 server and check how easy it is to resize partition, merge partitions and extend partition.


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