No Matter Where Pictures Are Deleted, Hard Drives, SD Cards Or USB Flash Drives, Most Users Will Firstly Think Of How To Recover Deleted Pictures

No matter where pictures are deleted, hard drives, SD cards or USB flash drives, most users will firstly think of how to recover deleted pictures. Then is there any solution? As to this problem, different users may have different answers. Some users may turn to professional data recovery companies which will use precise instrument to recover lost pictures, which will cost much time and money in spite of successful picture recovery. Actually as to the issue that pictures are deleted by accident, there is no need to resort to professionals because some free photo recovery software is able to recover deleted pictures easily. For example, the program downloaded from is so excellent that it is able to solve almost all photo loss problems caused by soft faults. For example, it can recover pictures from formatted partition and deleted partition. And recovering deleted pictures is a little case.

The above is the starting interface of the Windows photo recovery software which is equipped with five independent photo recovery modules. To recover deleted pictures, we can use “Undelete Recovery” module and “Digital Media Recovery“. Here, we are going to demonstrate how to recover deleted pictures by using “Digital Media Recovery” module.

Recovering deleted photos 
Click “Digital Media Recovery” module and all computer partitions are shown, as follows.

Select the one where the deleted pictures were and click “Full Scan“. All lost pictures will be shown, as follows.

Find and check the pictures we are going to recover and click “Save Files” to store them to a safe location instead of the original partition.

Though so simple operations, we have achieved recovering deleted pictures. Besides, we can also recover lost file in other situations.
Undelete Recovery” module allows us to recover deleted pictures and other kinds of files quickly; “Damaged Partition Recovery” is able to recover pictures from formatted partition and logically damaged partition; “Lost Partition Recovery” can recover pictures from lost partition or deleted partition; “CD/DVD Recovery” can help us recover data from CD and DVD.

However, this photo recovery software is only for Windows operating systems. If you want to recover deleted pictures on Mac, professional Mac photo recovery software should be used. And you can alsodownload it from this website. It is of comprehensive functions as well which empower you to recover lost pictures on Mac in different situations. For more information, please visit the home page.


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