With The Continuous Development Of Software Technology, A Batch Of Partition Magic Server Specially Developed For Server Operating System Has Emerged

With the continuous development of software technology, a batch of partition magic server specially developed for server operating system has emerged. As long as we own such as a kind of partition magic server for Windows 2003, we can accomplish Server 2003 partition management quite easily and magically. However, we should be cautious when selecting partition magic server, and we had better select the one developed by a professional software development company so as to avoid downloading partition magic server with functional defects. I believe many Windows Server 2003 users have resorted to professional disk managers. When seeing that professionals accomplish server partition management much easily and magically, do you admire them and want to accomplish server partition management magically, too? Now, we do not need to admire professionals, because we can become a partition magic server to bewitch server 2003 partition as long as we own a partition magic server for Windows 2003. At this time, some users may think all partition magic is developed for personal computer, so they can not be installed under Windows 2003. Actually, these users are wrong.If we use inferior partition magic server, we will fail to accomplish server partition management, and a large number of important data will be lost. Considering this factor, I recommend the professional partition magic server MiniTool Partition Wizard which is developed by the famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd..

Shrink Raid 5 volume under Windows Server 2003 by using MiniTool Partition Wizard
MiniTool Partition Wizard is a mighty partition magic server, and it not only can solve almost all problems of partition management, but can solve problems of dynamic disk management as well. In order to make users know this partition magic server more intuitively, now, let me demonstrate how to shrink Raid 5 volume by using it.

To shrink Raid 5 volume by using this partition magic for Windows 2003, we need to own it first. There are two ways to get this partition magic server: the first one is to download it from its official website. The second one is to visit http://www.partitionmagicserver.com to download it. Then, install it on Windows Server 2003. Next, run it to get its main interface:

In the main interface, select the Raid 5 volume which needs shrinking, and then click “Move/Resize” button to enter the next interface:

Then, shrink Raid 5 volume by dragging triangles on both sides of the volume handle to shorten volume handle (here, it is worth noting that we should keep the option “Using Enhanced Data Protecting Mode” checked if we do not have special requirement). Next, click “OK” to go on operating.

After entering the above main interface, we will find it has changed obviously. At this time, please check whether the adjusted Raid 5 volume is desired. If it is the desired volume, please click “Apply” button to apply operation. After that, we are successful to shrink Raid 5 volume.

Through this demonstration, you must have got a basic understanding of this partition magic server. If you are troubled by problems of Windows Server 2003 partition management, hurry to download this partition magic server. Then, you can become a partition magic server.


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