In Order To Help Users Avoid Downloading Inferior Windows Partition Recovery Freeware, We Suggest Using MiniTool Partition Recovery To Recover Lost Partition

In daily Windows computer use, many users have encountered partition loss resulting from virus attack. Under this situation, how can users free recover lost partition in Windows? Firstly, users need to check whether there is a backup. If there is, users just need to restore backup by using corresponding software. If there is no backup, they had better recover lost partition by using Windows partition recovery freeware. Nevertheless, since most Windows partition recovery freeware has functional defects, many users do not know which one to choose. In order to help users avoid downloading inferior Windows partition recovery freeware, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Recovery to recover lost partition.

Recover lost partition by using professional Windows partition recovery freeware
If users want to use this professional Windows partition recovery freeware, please visit the official website to download it at first. After installation, launch it to open the starting interface. Then, click “Next” button to enter the next interface. Next, select the disk where partition loss appears and set both scanning range and scanning method. After scan, the following interface will appear:

In this interface, users need to check all desired partitions (both existing partitions and lost partitions) and click “Finish” button to perform operations. Note: unchecked partitions will be lost. After that, Windows partition recovery freeware helps recover lost partition successfully.


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